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Legend of Lesovikk
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Grace to you and peace.
BS01 Status Inceasingly active
Usual Online Time Unknown
BZP Name Legend of Lesovikk
BZP Status Active
Online Jobs Editor, writer
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Nationality USA
Character(s) Lesovikk
Set(s) Nuparu
Color(s) N/A
Food(s) oreo cream pie
Favorite Movie Ben-Hur
Favorite Song Mountain of God
Nicknames LoL, Legend, lesovikk298, The Human Canvas
Infected Kanohi Mata Nui.PNG This user has been a fan of BIONICLE since 2001.
LetterM.png This user can translate Matoran into English.
B-5 This user is an expert on all things BIONICLE.
En This user is a native speaker of English.
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"Edit wisely."
— Me

I am known as Legend of Lesovikk. I sometimes go by Lesovikk298 on other sites. I'm a Junior, and I am attending high school in Michigan. I been on the wiki for over a year now, and I try my best to help out.


I was born November 27, 1992. I received my first Lego when I was 3; I think it was an underwater theme. I've been getting Lego magazines from then to present. I am a BIONICLE Fanatic ever since it came out in 2001. Also a self-proclaimed BIONICLE expert. I live in Ogemaw county, Michigan. I'm a member of NHS at my school. I play sports most of the year, such as soccer, swimming, and track and field. In the track and field, I am a sprinter and a pole-vaulter. I used to play baseball and basketball, but my hand-eye skill are unimpressive. I also occasionally try out for the school plays. I'm writer and director by passion and I've been told I do a good job at it. I try to be creative and original as I can be when working on a project. I have been called many things in my life: crazy, squirrely, insane, silentboy, human canvas, and several others. I think of myself as having the personality of a silent Ko-Matoran and I have been known to go overboard on projects. I am Baptist, which is important to me. And my GPA is currently 3.75. Well, that's my life, as of...43 hours ago.

My Signature

Legend of Lesovikk <can't see it!

My Awards

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TakanuvaChannelingPowers.PNG Legendary Help Award
This award has been given to Legend of Lesovikk for helping illuminate {{{?}}}.

-Legend of Lesovikk|Respect|Tribute


Location Karzahni Forges.png S and F
This award has been given to Legend of Lesovikk for Seeing a job and Fixing it. Keep up the good work, fellow editor.

-Legend of Lesovikk|Respect|Tribute


My Stats

Strength: 9
Agility: 10
Toughness: 10
Mind: 9
Creativity: 15

ID Card

External Image Credit to User:Creep Of The Deep


  |\\ ||| //|
  || \|||/ ||
  ||__| |__||
(C)--| O |--(C)

Credit to User:Bold Clone


My BIONICLE Mistika Codes

  • lesovikk298_1
  • lesovikk298_3
  • lesovikk298_6
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  • I did join BS01 once before, but I forgot my password and then foget about the wiki. Later, I came back with a new name and now work hard to make it a Legend.
  • My birthday was on Thanksgiving last year.
  • I have a skin disorder, called dermatographism (skin writing.)
  • Ever since I was hit in my left eye while playing soccer, I've been periodicly blacking out in that eye.
  • I had braces twice.
  • I play the violin.


"If your legs aren't numb from running and you're still standing, you didn't give it your all."
— Me in track

"The danger isn't always what you see. Often, it's what you don't see until it's too late."
— Hydraxon, Swamp of Secrets

"Haven't you figured it out yet? You have to be insane to be a Toa at all. It's the first requirement for the job."
— Helryx to Takanuva, Swamp of Secrets

"Once I was alive like you: solid and whole, needing no one and nothing. I was Makuta Krika, my name whispered in legends throughout half the known universe."
— Krika, Swamp of Secrets


(In Order of Year & Purchase)













Non-BIONICLE Related

  • Mario Kart: Double Dash
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
  • Wii Sports
  • Wii Fit
  • Mario Strikers: Charged
  • Metal of Honor
  • Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga
  • Halo 3



Non-BIONICLE Related

Way too much to write down. Approximately 500. A few notable:

  • Holy Bible
  • LotR
  • Artemis Fowl
  • Harry Potter
  • Narnia
  • Redwall
  • Ranger's Apprentice
  • Shonen Jump
  • Maximum Ride




Non-BIONICLE Related

  • Ben-Hur
  • Remember the Titans
  • Hook
  • Indiana Jones Saga
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Shrek
  • Pirates of the Carribean
  • Transformers
  • The Dark Knight
  • Eragon
  • Wall-E

Stuff on ITunes


Non-BIONICLE Related

  • Holy Bible
  • Kutless
  • Jeremy Camp
  • Casting Crowns
  • Third Day
  • Bethany Dillon
  • Hawk Nelson
  • Building 429
  • Vortex
  • Klondike
  • iQuiz
  • Dark Knight
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars


  • I think that Nuparu activates his shoulder-mounted Zamor Launcher by moving his shoulder up and down.
  • Density should an element.
  • Mimic's homeland was in the southern islands.
  • Lesovikk liberated Keetongu's homeland.


Editing Award.PNG
Editing Award
This award has been presented to Legend of Lesovikk for working tirelessly on the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki, so that it is up-to-date and at top-quality.

For help editing BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom

External Image The KZN02 Award
This Award has been given to Legend of Lesovikk by KZN02 for diligently adding categories to specific tools articles.

It was the Neutral Tools to be exact.

Agori Honor Badge, Rank 5.PNG Toa Obitor gives Legend of Lesovikk this Award/Userbox for helping him out, and giving him an award. Keep it up!

All the edits were reverted though.

Takanuva 2008.png

Twilight Award

Twilight Avenger has given this award to Legend of Lesovikk for winning the Member Spotlight. Twilight Avenger talk | awards

From Twilight Avenger



In Progress

  • Legend of Lesovikk: Part 3
  • Tales of Bara Magna

Short Stories


In Progress

  • The Gate


In Progress

  • The Man in the Silver Jacket

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Add approved content to a page to remove a "Stub" template.

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Corect, 10 seplling or gramer "mstake made bya safft (member. (Intentional misspelling.)
20% Completed


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The Member Spotlight Award
The Member Spotlight Award is only given to the featured members of Wiki-Nui. This award has been presented to Legend of Lesovikk. The following was his/her description on the spotlight.

Enter the world's greatest SLACKER!

Just kidding, LoL. He only slacked when he was the CFS Polls Master. :P Nowadays, he's one of the Wiki's best workers. While he's doesn't always do the big hard overhaulin' jobs, he helps everyone find little tidbits to tweak, like adding appearances, correcting grammar mistakes, and adding links that otherwise would've been overlooked. Without even his minor edits, a lot of articles would not have the accuracy or the well-written-ness that makes this the greatest source of BIONICLE info online.

All in all, LoL is a hard worker (if not always a punctual one. :P) and we of BS01 are lucky to have him.

Date added to Spotlight: 12/17/09

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)