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BIONICLE: The Bohrok Awake
Card Game
Year released 2002
Developer Upperdeck

BIONICLE: The Bohrok Awake is a card game released in 2002 as a McDonald's promotion. A pack was included with the "Mighty Kids Meal" while the promotion lasted.

Though the game was developed by Upperdeck, it is not compatible with BIONICLE: Bohrok Swarm.

How to Play

Both players shuffle their Quest Cards and put them in a pile face down, while the Hero cards are in the players' hands. A player begins by tossing a coin to determine the Power Kanohi.

  • Heads = Black (Green, Red, and White Kanohi) are the power Kanohi. White are non-Powered Kanohi.
  • Tails = White (Black, Blue, and Brown Kanohi) are the power Kanohi. Black are non-Powered Kanohi.

Both players flip up the top Quest card on the deck. The players then compare the Active Kanohi on the cards. The winner of the round is determined by these rules:

  1. A Power Kanohi always beats a non-Powered Kanohi.
  2. If both players have a Powered Kanohi, via non-Powered Kanohi, the player with the highest number wins the round.
  3. Kanohi with the same color result in a tie.

If the third situation occurs, the players have the chance to play a Hero card in order to win the round. The players flip a coin to be the first to play the Hero card. The first player places the Hero card face up underneath their Quest card or cards. The Hero card's effect must be applied at this time. If the Kanohi Bonus is the same color as the Kanohi be used, the Kanohi number is increased by one point. The second player is now allowed to play their Hero card. If it is again a tie, the players switch turns until either the round is won, or the players decide to stop playing Hero cards.

When a player wins a round, They take all the cards that were involved in that round. The Hero cards that were won in a round can not be played again for the rest of the game.

If a round is tied, all the cards that were involved in that round remain where they are. The winner of the next round claims all the cards from this round and the former one.


Once all the Quest cards are face up, the player with the highest number of cards wins.

Additional Rules

  • The players must play with the same number of cards.
  • For every four Quest cards in the deck, the player may include one Hero card.
  • Duplicate cards are not allowed in the deck.

Card List

The game includes thirty cards total. The first fifteen paper cards on the list are Quest cards, and the other fifteen foil cards are Hero cards. Aside from that, they can be identified by certain characteristics.

Quest Cards

Paper Quest cards are horizontal cards with two Kanohi on the left side. The large mask is an Active Kanohi. The small mask is a dormant Kanohi.

  1. Bohrok - Pahrak x2
  2. Bohrok - Gahlok x2
  3. Bohrok - Kohrak x2
  4. Bohrok - Tahnok x2
  5. Bohrok - Lehvak x2
  6. Bohrok - Nuhvok x2
  7. Rahi - Nui-Rama
  8. Rahi - Nui-Jaga
  9. Rahi - Muaka

Hero Cards

Foil Hero cards are vertical cards which have a bonus Kanohi on the side and feature an effect when played.

  1. Toa - Tahu
  2. Toa - Gali
  3. Toa - Lewa
  4. Toa - Pohatu
  5. Toa - Onua
  6. Toa - Kopaka
  7. Toa Nuva - Tahu Nuva
  8. Toa Nuva - Gali Nuva
  9. Toa Nuva - Lewa Nuva
  10. Toa Nuva - Pohatu Nuva
  11. Toa Nuva - Onua Nuva
  12. Toa Nuva - Kopaka Nuva
  13. Exo-Toa - Exo-Lewa
  14. Exo-Toa - Exo-Pohatu
  15. Exo-Toa - Exo-Kopaka