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It brings me great honor to announce that KZN02 has been owned by Matty! Reason for being owned: Threatening Dume Thank you.
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"Hello master of tediousness."

--KZN02, The Master of Tediousness (Talk|Contribs)

Status: around

(don't trust this all the time, sometimes I'm too lazy to change it, just see Recent Changes)


Anyways, I'm KZN02, and I'm a heavy editor of BS01 wiki, but it's usually the small stuff. Sometimes I go look for images that would be of use here.

If you got some tedious assignment for me, tell me in my Talk Page and I'll get to it when I get on and can do it (but have Swert's approval if it's extensive).

Sometimes, I think I should label myself as a bot. I remember another site had labeled me inhuman for my repetitive actions.

I've been a BIONICLE fan since the beginning (2001) to this present day.

KZN02's Alter Ego

Self MOC

He was once a mysterious Ko-Matoran scholar, hardly many knew about, as he avoided the public on Metru Nui. He had the future sight ability, but he hardly used it until he got a really bad feeling suddenly.

One day, the Matoran took a short stroll not far from his hut in Ko-Wahi, but a suddenly freak avalanche caught and dropped him into jagged ice spikes that impaled him. This could have been his end unless some Order of Mata Nui agent stumbled upon him in a stealthly reconnaissance around Mata Nui. The agent took what was left of the Matoran to Artakha, where he was rebuilt in some Toa-android-like body. Although he didn't take well to the sudden change at first, he accepted what happened as fate (or destiny) and swore allegiance to the Order and Artakha. He was given the name of KZN02, as he was the second prototype of Toa Android series Artakha was spending his free time on and that he was a Ko-Matoran. The other 2 letters remain unknown except to Artakha.

Many years later, KZN02 volunteered in a new invention by Artakha in dimension traveling. After the device was implanted in him and tested, the device unusually malfunctioned and transported KZN02 to another dimension. Trying to use the device again to travel back unfortunately got him nowhere, as with the malfunctioned device and that there were countless possible dimensions out there, leaving the probabily of getting back to his respective dimension extremely small.

So now, KZN02 constantly travels from dimension to dimension in hope of trying to get home.

Abilities and Traits

Due to being an android, KZN02 has countless upgrades from Artakha spanning from increased abilities to weaponry. He also has the ability to materialize himself and other objects down to the molecular level, which is quite useful in "carrying" items and altering his appearance. Since he is technically a Toa of Ice, he can use the element, although upgrades from Artakha have given him more elements to control. He wears the Akaku Nuva, which has additional features such as radar.

KZN02 is also calculating and inventive, even before an android.

Dimensional travel has given KZN02 the ability to open wormholes from one place to another in the same dimension. However, size is a factor, as it takes more time and effort to make incredibly large openings than smaller ones. In addition, he must see where he is going to make an wormhole to, though this is offset by KZN02's mask. KZN02 is able to do this using his Ice Sword or his hands while focusing.

An unfortunate side effect of dimensional traveling has given KZN02 multiple personalities, though his cool and quiet side is usually dominant. However, insanity and the like are the next dominant. When KZN02 is in his cool and quiet persona, he is sometimes cursed with bad luck; for his insane one, it seems it draws power from the bad luck so it won't affect him. KZN02 also has a timid and indecisive personality, also suffering bad luck in that state.

Through his travels, KZN02 has constantly equipped himself with more technology and materials when appropriate, as he wouldn't want to steal or copy without permission. In addition, he fuses powerful metals with his armor to make it strong and durable, which is helpful should his bad luck puts him in destructive, if humorous, siutations.

In short, KZN02 is an unlucky, walking arsenal of destructive force.




Currently Doing: ...

Elsewhere: despair!

Planning: ...



Eh, working on that on my spare time. Leave a message ony my Quick-Speak if you need help with anything.

Rank 9


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Editing Award
This award has been presented to KZN02 for working tirelessly on the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki, so that it is up-to-date and at top-quality.

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The Member Spotlight Award
The Member Spotlight Award is only given to the featured members of Wiki-Nui. This award has been presented to KZN02. The following was his description on the spotlight.

Perhaps one of our largest contributors on BS01, KZN02 dedicates a ton of his time to BS01, and its well-being. It is worth noting, however, he does most of the minor work that some people never choose to do. Bravo, KZN.

A true veteran, KZN was an editor of this current DB well long ago, back in August 2007. It is, however, believed he was a member long before that. It's good to know members as loyal to us as KZN is.

KZN's biggest edits include adding Apperances, Links and other minor things. However, without him, it's possible none of it would be posted. We salute you, good buddy. Now go add Comic 14 apperances.

Date added to Spotlight: July 11, 2008

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)

(I was a member long before 2007, just to note. Some database lockdown or something put a big gap between me and BS01 for a long time.)

(Also, when I first joined (before 2007), I relatively did little to be honest, got a few warnings too. I later forgot about the account, and once I remembered, I got to it.)


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Note: In case it's not obvious to you, KZN02 is cosplaying as Two-Face in the above picture.

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Perceive the truth!

  __ ______
 |==| ||   \
|==|_||| __ |
 | -=(¯¯)   |
 | -=(__)=_ |
Credit to Bold Clone for the Akaku Nuva.

My Sets


  • Kopaka Mata
  • Turaga Nuju
  • Matoro


  • Kohrak
  • Kohrak Va
  • Boxor
  • Exo-Toa
  • Kopaka Nuva


  • Kohrak-Kal
  • Kurahk
  • Takanuva and Ussanui


  • Ehyre
  • Toa Metru Nuju
  • Keerahk


  • Rahaga Kualus
  • Toa Hordika Nuju
  • Suukorak
  • Keetongu


  • Thok


  • Toa Mahri Matoro


  • Kopaka Nuva Phantoka


  • Takanuva


"100% Android, 0% Alive"
— KZN02

"We could throw you in there, metal man, and have canned pig feet!"
— Trespassers W

"But you could nuke these without it [Swert's approval]."

"This ain't your daddy's LEGO."
BIONICLE: Mask of Light Toonami Promo

"Dai Tenkuu!"
— Ike from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

"What do you mean "can't find printer"? It's right here!"
— ???

"Never ... The End."
— Ending line of Rebirth

-- Although this may be the last comic, this does not mean the end of BIONICLE. For one reason and one reason alone the series cannot end; it is we the fans who faithfully followed the series from beginning to middle to end, it is we who keep the storyline, sets, and universe deeply rooted in our memories, it is we who made and help prosper sites like BZPower and BS01 itself. For that, we have made BIONICLE an immortal legacy.External Image, The Master of Tediousness (Talk|Contribs)

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