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Well guys, it's about time for me to retire. I've had so many good times in this journey with all of you, but unfortunately it has come to an end. My internet activity has ended. You might see me visting for a while sometimes, but I wouldn't be staying for a long time. Good luck to y'all out there and thanks for all the awesome experiences.
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Twilight Avenger
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BS01 Status Retired
Usual Online Time Random times
BZP Name Twilight Avenger
BZP Status Inactive
Online Jobs BS01 editor
Age 16
Gender Male
Height Around 1 m 63 cm
Nationality Costa Rica
Character(s) Takanuva
Set(s) Takanuva 08, Toa Mata Nui
Color(s) Gold, White, Black, and Yellow
Food(s) Cheeseburgers
Rahkshicdtakamovie.PNG This users favorite Toa is Takanuva. The Toa who's lived both the path of light and dark.
Set Toa Mata Nui.png This user likes the Toa Mata Nui set
Set Toa Nuva Tahu AA Swamp.jpg This user likes Toa of Fire best
Set Toa Nuva Gali AA Swamp.jpg This user likes Toa of Water best
Set Toa Nuva Lewa Phantoka.PNG This user likes Toa of Air the best
Pohatu Nuva 08.png This user likes Toa of Stone best
Set Phantoka Kopaka Nuva.jpg This user likes Toa of Ice the best
Set Toa Nuva Onua AA Swamp.jpg This user likes Toa of Earth the best
Takanuva 2008.png This user likes Toa of Light the best
External Image Toa Obitor gives Twilight Avenger this Award/Userbox for being his friend. Keep it up!
>.> This user should probably be doing his homework…
Infected Kanohi Mata Nui.PNG This user has been a fan of BIONICLE since 2001.
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Sp This user is a native speaker of Spanish.

Merry Christmas! Biocryptid21 wishes you a Merry Christmas!
External Image This user HATES Karzahni's Valentine's Day!
TotT Turaga.PNG I'd like to thank the BS01 Staff for, well, everything. Thanks, guys!
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 _--_/| |\_--_
 | | |   | | |
 \  ||   ||  /
 \__|-   -|__/
/___|  o  |___\

Credit to Bold Clone.

   _   __   _
  / \\ || // \
  | ___  ___ |
  \ \ /  \ / /
  |\ \\[]// /|
 [|=|  ||  |=|]
  |=| //\\ |=|

Credit to Toa Obitor.


~Twilight Avenger~ talk | awards

Twilight Avenger talk | awards

Twilight Avenger | My Talkpage-My Awards | External Image

~Twilight Avenger~ ...I hate Valentine's Day...

External ImageTwilight Avenger Happy St.Patrick's Day! | My pot of goldExternal Image

~Twilight Avenger~ BOOOOO!!! | Candy!!!

External ImageTwilight Avenger Merry Christmas! | My gifts

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"Bye bye, BS01, Twilight Avenger's got me on the run, I told him to have fun, on that day, now my life is done. Bye bye, BS01, TA's got me on the run, told him to have fun, on V-Day, Bye bye, BS01 I'm gone."
Tomana singing to the tune of Bye Bye Babylon on GTalk

"When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down "happy". They told me I didn’t understand the assignment. I told them they didn’t understand life."
— John Lennon

"Me: -If the people are like that when Osama Bin Laden died, imagine how it will be like when Bieber dies! 8D
MI: -Well, most of the intelligent world will, but the mindless droves of Teenage Girls will mourn for the coming Decades.
Me: -If they do, we'll go and burn their Twilight books down too.
MI and I talking about Bin Laden's death and how Bieber's would be like.

"I knew the little guy could do it. Now, both me proteges have won it. *wipes tear* They grow so fast. D:"
Spawn of Teridax, after he saw that I won the MS.

"Me: -You screwed my talkpage, dude! Agh, DIE!!!!! *puts on Iron Man armor* IMMA FIRIN' MY LAZAAHHH!!!!! *shoots laser*
Dark Light: -*dodges* *melts armor with flamethrower*
Me: -O RLLY? *puts on War Machine armor ( just for you to know, this one can't be melted)* DIE!!!! *fires laser*
Dark Light: -Oh yeah? *throws a rock at robot* *rock jams mechanisms* *robot explodes*
Me: -Then I'll guess there's no choice...*steals MotR's knife and stabs DL until his death* FIX MY TALKPAGE, YOU SLACKER!!!
Dark Light: -*hid behind a rock seeing TA killing a dummy* *fires TA with a bazooka* *insert super-awesome explosion sound here* *breaks TA's stuff with a hammer* *hides again*
Dark Light: -I already fixed it :P
Toa Duran: -That's it, you've forced my hand! *pulls out a chair and popcorn and sits down* Okay, move along.
Me: -Dude, you broke my talkpage my stuff...YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR IT!! AGGHHH!!!!!....Oh yeah, I forgot! *creates an energy shield to protect Toa Duran* SHOOP DA WHOOP!!!!
Vartemp: -I'm about to DIE of LAUGHTER! I must...STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!! *Pulls out weaken and reconstitutes at random Kanoka, and weakens TA's energy shield. Reconstitutes his knife into a ball*
Dark Light: -Oh yes? *throws a pie at TA before he shoops da whoop* *runs screaming with spiky mace* *breaks weakened shield* *throws water at Duran's popcorn* *pulls a cord*

*a piano falls on TA*

Vartemp: -*Attempts to fix TA's talk* Yay! DL, I suggest you fix your awards.
Dark Light: -Well, I guess its over >_>. I couldn't find what were you talking about, since it seemed that all was ok. I fixed my awards. Thanks for pointing that Vartemp.
Toa Duran: -No. It's not over. You ruined my popcorn, and for that, YOU MUST PAY!!!!!!!
The movie theater price of 11.99. Come on, fork it over.
Dark Light: -Yes? *turns on flamethrower* MUAHAHAHAHA!! *oil runs out* What the? Oh. *pays*"
Toa Duran, Vartemp, and I spamming DL's talkpage in an epic fight trying to force Dark Light to fix my talkpage.

"I was thinking it's cool to see one of your friends in the MS, and I was thinking, "That's my friend, how cool." But about half of BS01 can say that. XD"
Toa Mata Nui talking about my huge amount of friends. XD

"Cise: -In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow: You need to get yourself a girl lad. :P Also, a physiatrist. XD Kthxbai!!
Me: -OMG, you don't have idea how true is that! XP
Cise: -Ah ha! But the real question is, which one were you talking about? That is the secret you take with you to Log Out.
Cise and I talking about my stabbing obsession.

"Back when I was a n0rb, I had to walk uphill barefoot in 5 feet of snow just to get to the Recent Changes page lugging a Spam Saw and my Spawnicidalist gear on my back. D:"
Spawn of Teridax

"Tomana: -There is no way to fail worse than Vartemp. No way at all :D
Obitor: -Agreed. :P
Lord Oblivion: -^^Double Argeed^^ XP
Tomana, Obitor and Lord Oblivion talking about how Vartemp always epic fails (triple agreed XD).

"Mutran: "I can control this storm! All I have to do is--"
Energy Storm: "Shut up, ya n0rb." *zaps* XD
Obitor voting for this image at the VC.

"Me: -*releases angry Klaak* ZOMG L00K A KLAAK IZ ATTACKIN' JALA!!11!!!2!!!33!! :O *Klaak runs away after turning back Jala into a toa* Oh well, it seems like you're good again. >:D
Obitor: -Yay!
Jala: -Not so fast! *triggers dodging power to dodge sonic scream* LOL U MISSED, N00B! XDXDXD JK we're good!
Oblivion: -lol *throws shadow leech* Welcome back brother muhahahaha >:D
Jala: -AHA!!! Lord Oblivion threw a Shadow Leech at me, thus corrupting me once more! Nice try! Sorry guys, but I'm bad again now. I'm gonna have to do this. *zaps everyone except Lord Oblivion with Shadow bolts*
Me: -*shields Obitor and himself with a shield made of shadow* Forgot about mah shadow powers, don't ya? BTW, I also got some awesomesauce light powers. Maybe I could use them for something useful... *zaps Jala with light lasers* There you go n00b. ;P
Jala: -NOOOOOOO! *dies epically as Antidermis seeps out* XP
Me: -So, I killed you? Yay! :D
Oblivion: -lol I still win cause I'm ok! muahahaha *cough cough* :P *Throws shadow leeches* *runs* :P
Me: -*destroys shadow leeches with light lasers* Now you're next Oblivion! >8D
Oblivion: -*Hides behind the obvious smaller-than-me rock* you'll never find me :P
Dark Light: -This looks so familiar :)
Oblivion: -How so darklight? :P
Dark Light: -*chuckles*
Oblivion: - XD you guys are crazy :P
Me: -Yeah DL, only that this was faster, and someone got killed. :P BTW Oblivion, you should check your armor. It looks like it has a leak (My bad). >8D
Jala, Oblivion, Dark Light and me.

"Toa11: -Have you ever realized that you have the same birthday as Crystal Matrix?
Meg: -Yus.
Spawn: -Daw Poor Megumz is overshadowed. D:
Meg: -Bawl.
Tomana: -She's not alone there, she's got my B-Day.
Meg: -Poor Tomana. He's even more overlooked. :P
— A conversation between Tomana, Eleven, Spawn and Meg.

"I've got sooo much homework this semester in High School. I feel like a wombat in the Sahara with only crocodiles on all sides. xP"
Spawn (as always :P)

"Look! A Branflakes in its natural state in the wild! :O

"I dunno...I think it may have been a cloud of Antidermis, so Goldie may be part Makuta-essence. After all, all the Makuta are dead, save for Miserix, so...
On the other hand, Zaktan's been blown up before. He got better.
Jala talking about the what the "mysterious green cloud" could be.

"MI:-I just thought of something...
Avlok: -Hm?
MI: -Even though it's so far from the truth, think of it as a "What if". What if Hero Factory was some stupid year long prank from lego? :P Could you imagine BZP when that was found out.
Avlok: -Dude, there would be a freaking MOB of BZPers.
MI: -lol, yeah. Just imagine when the next Bionicle commercial aired. Blogs would explode!
Avlok: -"In the news, members of a Lego fansite, BZPower, have formed up outside of LEGO headquarters all over the world. LEGO employees are currently attempting to resolve the situation, and we have tried to get some interviews from the members."
MI: -"Breaking news! The BZPower members that had ammassed outside of the Lego Headquarters are now raiding the building. Reports say that the CEO is being held hostage."
Avlok: "In a shocking turn of events, the BZPers, have taken control of many LEGO Company buildings, and are currently attempting to construct weapons out of BIONICLE and Technic parts." XP And then, of course, someone would have to invent the nuclear brick.
MI: -"Now in an amazing turn of events, the more skilled builders have prodeced Bionicle AK-47's, 9mm Pistols, Hand Grenades, and a Nuclear Warhead. Good Lord! How did this group of teens get hold of Uranium!?"
"Reports say they are wheeling out the bomb on a cart made of lego bricks! My Lord that's a lot of wheels! Oh, looks like they hit a bump. The cart broke in half. Now they're brandishing the pistols!"
*Ping Ping*
Avlok: -"Oh my god, the cameraman was just shot by a premier member guard! Channel 4 news regrets to inform you that we will have no further reports!"
MI: -*Channel 3 wheels*
Avlok: -No, dude. Underground resistance of people who like Hero Factory, and want it back in place of Bionicle. XD
MI: -"This just in! Another swarm of fans for a line called Hero Factory are approaching from the east with crudely made weapons, fashioned out of Hero Factory parts, where apparently, they build heroes!"
Avlok: -"Apparently, the BZPers are setting up a replica of a bionicle city named Metru Nui, and are going to use the various forges to create Kanohi masks and armor."
MI: -"It looks like its going to be an all out duel! The BZP members are arming their weapons, whilst the Premiers are holding the Headquarters. The Hero Factory faction, which is minute compared to the BZPers, is approaching fast!"
Avlok: -Dimensioneer controled MN suit, fighting against like...some other Hero Factory site admin dood in a HF version of the prototype robot.
"In a world, controlled by Hero Factory fans and forumers, the BZPower members fight against this tyranny with their BIONICLE inspired technology. However, many have fallen to the easily transformable technology of the [insertcoolHeroFactoryfansitename here] members. Will the BZPers succeed? We can only hope." XP
See, this is why people like you and me can't be left without something constructive for more than thirty minutes. XD
MI: -"Now on Channel 6 news. The recent explosion reported somewhere near the Lego Headquarters has now confirmed our fears. Desolate wasteland covered in little grayish-silver spheres..."
Avlok: -"What's this? The HF forumers have constructed a large weapon, capable of disintigrating plastic without leaving any physical evidence behind!"
MI: -"Breaking news, the reamaining BZPers and Bionicle fans have taken control of the aformentioned weapon and turned it on Hero Factory!"
Avlok: -Oh, no! BZPers are trained in secret on some remote island, like assassins in Assassin's Creed, and they go and fight the HF people. xD
— A conversation between Avlok and MatoroIgnika.


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The Unforgiven III

By Metallica

"How could he know this new dawn’s light"
"Would change his life forever?"
"Set sail to sea, but pulled off course"
"By the light of golden treasure."

"Was he the one causing pain"
"With his careless dreaming?"
"Been afraid, always afraid,"
"Of the things he’s feeling."

"He could just be gone."
"He would just sail on"
"He’ll just sail on."

"How can I be lost, if I’ve got nowhere to go?"
"Search for seas of gold,"
"How come it’s got so cold?"

"How can I be lost? In remembrance I relive."
"And how can I blame you,"
"When it’s me I can’t forgive?"

"These days drift on inside a fog"
"Thick and suffocating."
"His sinking life, outside its hell."
"Inside, intoxicating."

"He’s run aground. Like his life,"
"Water much too shallow."
"Slipping fast, down with his ship,"
"Fading in the shadows."

"Now a castaway."
"They’ve all gone away."
"They’ve gone away."

"How can I be lost, if I’ve got nowhere to go?"
"Search for seas of gold,"
"How come it’s got so cold?"
"How can I be lost? In remembrance I relive."
"And how can I blame you,"
"When it’s me I can’t forgive?"

"Forgive me."
"Forgive me not."
"Why can’t I forgive me?"

"Set sail to sea, but pulled off course"
"By the light of golden treasure."
"How could he know this new dawn’s light"
"Would change his life forever?"

"How can I be lost, if I’ve got nowhere to go?"
"Search for seas of gold,"
"How come it’s got so cold?"

"How can I be lost? In remembrance I relive."
"So how can I blame you,"
"When it’s me I can’t forgive?"


Member Spotlight

External Image
The Member Spotlight Award
The Member Spotlight Award is only given to the featured members of Wiki-Nui. This award has been presented to Twilight Avenger. The following was his description on the spotlight.

Twilight may be the worst movie ever; but don't fret. The wiki's got its fair share of relief thanks to Twilight Avenger (eez a joke :D). Honestly, I don't know where this wiki would be without him; he makes great contributions, is a great editor, and is an all around friendly and deserving guy.

But that's what we say about everybody. What makes him shine? What made him deserve this honor more than the other nominated members?

He has a lot of friends. A LOT of friends. I highly doubt that anybody else could achieve this, especially me: I am not a very social person. :P

He also holds a nice quantity of both official and unofficial awards/achievements. While not the greatest of accomplishments, being as social as Twilight Avenger would be a great thing.

All that being said, congrats, Twilight Avenger! Sorry I got this up late. :-/ Anyway, enjoy your time up! :)

Date added to Spotlight: 01/15/2010

--External Image Owner (Talk / BS01)


  • My favorite elements are Light and Shadow.
  • I HATE to think, I could have a nervous breakdown if I do it!
  • If I am supposed to think, and I have a nervous breakdown, I will need to eat an ice cream.
    _   o~~*
   /o\ /\_0
  OO-O/__o \o
 / O/ __--0/0\
(\/  __  --\ -\    
\              /          ICE CREAM!!!
 \            /
  \          /
   \        /
    \      /
     \    /
      \  /
  • I had an idea before that last line... *hears an ambulance sound*