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BIONICLE Action Figure Game

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Action Figure Game
Number of players 2
Distributor LEGO

The BIONICLE Action Figure Game was a game that could be played with the Glatorian and Glatorian Legends sets. Two players would face off, each with one or more sets.


On a hard surface, two players would assemble and pose their figures with their canisters positioned behind them. They would take turns firing Thornax at each other's sets with the intention of hitting them. Each player gets one shot per turn. If the Thornax hit the opposing set, that Glatorian would take two damage; if the Thornax hit the canister, that Glatorian would take only one damage. After each successful hit, the targeted player would have to adjust their Glatorian's "life counter" accordingly. Whether a hit or miss, the Glatorian who fired the Thornax would have to move to where it landed. The game ends when one Glatorian runs out of "hit points." It was also possible to play with multiple Glatorian at once; in this case, each player would get one extra shot per turn for each additional Glatorian they had in play.

Agori could be used in gameplay to block incoming attacks. The Agori would be place either in front of or behind the Glatorian. If the opposing player hits the Agori instead of the Glatorian or the Glatorian's canister, the Glatorian takes no damage, but the Agori is removed from play.

Titan and vehicle sets could also be included in the game. They largely followed the same rules as the Glatorian, using their boxes in place of canisters. The only real differences were that each titan or vehicle had two life counters, and thus two shots per turn.

An advertisement seen in set instructions showcasing gameplay.

Set Information

The BIONICLE Action Figure Game could be played using all 2009 sets. All large canister and boxed sets came equipped with "life counters" and Thornax Launchers, which were essential for gameplay. Each instruction manual also included a set of instructions outlining the rules of the game.


  • The idea for an action game involving life counters and firing projectiles was initially pitched, prototyped and tested in late 2006 during the development of the Phantoka line. It was inspired by table top and miniature games.[1]