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"I have been there every year for so long to see the yearly fights. The sheer size and fantastic organic style, like it has grown from the rocks, made it unique. I don't think there will ever be an arena as magnificent again."
Metus, Glatorian Arena 2

Arena Magna
Status Damaged
Position Atero
Pronunciation MAG-nuh

The Arena Magna was the largest and oldest arena on Bara Magna, located in the city of Atero.


The destroyed Arena Magna

The Arena Magna was one of the oldest structures on Spherus Magna.[1] The Great Beings designed it, and the Agori constructed it.[citation needed] The arena housed sporting and other public events.[1]

After the Shattering, the Arena fell out of use, as Atero had been declared a neutral territory. Upon the creation of the Glatorian system, the Arena was used to hold the Great Tournament every year for the warriors, with the winner being declared the champion of Glatorian.

During the latest Great Tournament, the arena was attacked by the Skrall. The Skrall invaded the arena, killing a large number of the Glatorian and Agori that got in their way. During the conflict, part of the structure was knocked out, causing a portion of the building to collapse.


Wall of Champions

The Wall of Champions was a famed spot in the Arena Magna, where the names and images of all the winners of the Great Tournament were carved. A spot on this wall was coveted by all Glatorian.[1]


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