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Glatorian Arena 3
GA3 Main Screen.png
Online Game
Platform PC
Controls Keyboard

Glatorian Arena 3, or GA3, is the third installment of the Glatorian Arena series of online games based on the Arena Matches system of Bara Magna. It was first released to BZPower and among the downloads was a tutorial. The game was never released on


Navigation Area

There are two navigation areas, the one for choosing the game type and the one for choosing the Glatorian, changing the stats, checking players progress, seeing the controls and enter the arena.

The main navigation area

Challenge Game

In this version, challenge games may be played against the Glatorian and the Glatorian Legends in four different arenas and in three different modes. As in the first and second installments, the goal is to defeat the opponent by reducing their life counter down to zero. Each time the health bar is completely depleted, the life counter lowers by one point.

The three different modes are Normal (Easy), Glatorian (Medium), and Glatorian Legends (Hard). The player must defeat one of each opponents to win. Every character may be used to progress, with each character's progress tracked individually. Every Glatorian has their own unique fighting style.

After a character has finished his story, defeating the eleven Glatorian, a clip from The Legend Reborn will play, featuring the character the player is, while players playing with characters that do not appear in the movie get a random clip.

Arena Magna Fight Night Gameplay


  • A - light attack
    • A + Up - heavy attack
    • A + Down - jump kick (Unlocked after winning the second fight)
    • A + Back key - Thornax shoot
  • S - shield
    • S + Up or Down - sidestep
    • S + Back key - back flip launch (Unlocked after winning the fifth fight)
  • Up + Down - Heal
  • Back key + Front Key - Taunt
  • Esc - Pause

Ability Points

Each time a fight is won, the player gains a certain amount of ability points. These can be distributed over the player's character sheet. In the first six fights won, the player gains two points per win. Wins seven to nine award four points per win, and nine to ten award six. The last win does not award any points, as there are no more fights for that Glatorian. When spending points on abilities, the player can spend a maximum of half of any gained points on any one ability. There are four abilities, strength, toughness, agility and mind. Each character's ability points are tracked separately.

Heads-up Display

Both fighters have a heads-up display. The player is in the upper left corner of the screen, while the opponent's is in the upper right corner. The heads-up display has of four sections:

  • The Life Counter - The Life Counter tracks the fighter's overall health, and is made up of six sections, two green sections, marked five and four, two yellow sections marked three and two, and two red sections, one marked with a one and the other with a skull. As the Glatorian takes damage, it rotates to show this, the segment pointing up representing their status. When it turns to the skull part, the fighter is defeated and the match ends. The Life Counter is identical to the one contained within sets.
  • The Health Meter - This shows the player's health in finer detail. The color of the bar matches the one of the current Life Counter segment. The bar drops when the Glatorian takes damage, and when it is emptied it refills as the Life Counter rotates.
  • The Thornax Meter - A blue bar that represents the player's ability to fire Thornax. The bar fills in a time of 15 seconds, and when it's full, a Thornax will appear in the Thornax Counter, and the player can fire Thornax. The bar is then emptied and starts to recharge.
  • The Thornax Counter - This tracks if the player currently has Thornax ammo. When the Thornax Meter is full, an icon of a Thornax fruit appears here, and the player can fire a Thornax. During the rest of the time, this square is has a blank outline of a Thornax.


Scarabax Caves Gameplay

Quick Play

This type of play is very similar to the Challenge Game except that the player can choose the enemy as well as the Glatorian they will fight as, however the stats cannot be changed.


The same as Quick Play, but two player, and different controls.

Multiplayer Controls

Player 1
  • A - light attack
  • A + R - heavy attack
  • A + F - jump kick
  • A + D - Thornax launch
  • S - shield
  • S + D - back flip launch
  • S + R or F - sidestep
Player 2
  • O - light attack
  • O + Up key - heavy attack
  • O + Down key - jump kick
  • O + Back key - Thornax launch
  • P - shield
  • P + Back key - back flip launch
  • P + Up or Down - sidestep


All the Glatorian are unlocked by default. They are:

Mata Nui

Updates from Glatorian Arena 2


  • The six original Glatorian return being playable.
  • The Multiplayer mode that lets two players combat in an Arena Match.
  • The Quick Play mode that lets the user choose their Enemy and the Character they will play as.
  • A new move, the jump kick, was added.


  • The Glatorian are unlocked by default.


  • The concept of Medals and Leagues was dropped.
  • The concept of visiting the Agori on the outskirts was abandoned.

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