Secrets of Bara Magna!

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"So you want to be our new Glatorian?"

Secrets of Bara Magna!
Secrets of Bara Magna! Page 1.png
Author Unknown
Illustrator Dave White

Secrets of Bara Magna! is a two-page promotional comic released in the European March–April 2009 edition of the LEGO Club Magazine. It is illustrated by Dave White.

Plot Summary

Raanu is talking with a candidate for one of Vulcanus's Glatorian, and explains how the social system on Bara Magna works. He continues to warn the candidate about the dangers of the desert, describing the Bone Hunters and Sand Tribe, and then mentions the mysterious Rock Tribe. Raanu decides that the candidate will suffice, and goes to hand them a Thornax Launcher. However, Raanu accidentally triggers the weapon, firing the Thornax and causing a small explosion. Raanu consequently advises the new Glatorian to be careful where he points the launcher.


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