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"It is known all over Bara Magna for its large deposits of exsidian, a metal which is valued for its endurance."
Metus, Glatorian Arena 2

Status Abandoned
Position White Quartz Mountains
Pronunciation EYE-con-ox

Iconox was the village of the Ice Tribe on Bara Magna.


Iconox was the first of the villages to form after the Shattering, after the Ice Agori moved south to avoid the Core War, and became stranded there. Strakk, who was nearby at the time, took refuge in the new village. During the subsequent 100,000 years, Iconox thrived thanks to its Exsidian deposits. Iconox used the valuable metal for trade and as payment for Glatorian matches. Metus served as a great Exsidian salesman, although the other villages became so desperate for the metal that war seemed imminent. However, a new social system developed by Certavus and other Core War veterans helped to avert war for the next 100,000 years.

Certavus served as Iconox's prime Glatorian until his death, at which point he was replaced by Strakk.

The Hero Agori traveled here in search of the region's prime Glatorian, Strakk, to convince him to fight for Vulcanus. Metus gave the Hero Agori Iconox's Favor in exchange for helping him locate a Desert Spring. After seeing that the Hero Agori had aided Iconox, Strakk consented to fight for Vulcanus.

Some time later, Iconox lost a shipment of Exsidian to Vulcanus during an arena match. To avoid Bone Hunter activity, Iconox charged Metus with finding a new route. When the Exsidian did not arrive in Vulcanus, its absence threatened the Glatorian system and the possibility of war.

After the Battle of Roxtus, the Agori decided to not include Iconox in the construction of the Mega-Village, and it remains in good condition.


Metus in Iconox

Iconox is the westernmost village on Bara Magna, and is situated in the White Quartz Mountain range, meaning it is much colder here then in any other place on Bara Magna. The village contains large deposits of Exsidian. Much like other villages, Iconox is organized as a single structure containing all Ice Tribe dwellings and workplaces. The shelters here are made of slabs of crystal fitted together and supported by crystal pillars.

After his death, Certavus was buried near Iconox.[1]

Arena Iconox

Before the tribes united, the Arena Iconox was used for Glatorian matches in order to settle disputes over resources.


Ice Tribe

The Agori of the tribe are very social, being very adept at trading with villagers, as well as advertising their matches. They are also very talented miners.

The Glatorian Certavus was once employed by the Ice Tribe as a Glatorian. When he later died due to natural causes, Strakk became their Prime Glatorian until his exile. Gelu acted as the Second Glatorian up until the Battle of Atero. After that, he retired and became a caravan guard for Iconox until the Battle of Roxtus.


  • Iconox had a reward for 100 pounds of exsidian for the capture of Sahmad. Strakk made an attempt to earn it, but could not track the Agori down.[2]


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