Jungle Shield

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Jungle Shield
Users Gresh (formerly)
Function Melee combat
Channeling his Air powers
Status Out of use

The Glatorian Gresh once wielded the Jungle Shield[1] as his primary weapon. The shield has a razor edge and can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The shield has the ability to split into two separate blades, which Gresh can wield in each hand.


Gresh's blades broken a second time in The Legend Reborn

During an arena match between Gresh and a Skrall, the shield was cut through by the Skrall's blade, but was later repaired by the Agori of Vulcanus in return for food from Tesara.[2] Gresh later used the blades to defend the village of Tajun against Bone Hunters and Skrall, but they were broken a second time.

After the attack, Gresh asked Mata Nui to fix his blades. Mata Nui used the Kanohi Ignika to repair[3] and enhance the Jungle Shield and granted Gresh the ability to channel his new Elemental Power of Air through the tool.

He later stopped using the weapons in favor of better blades he found in the Wastelands.

Example Usage

In Sands of Bara Magna, Gresh used his tool to deflect the shield a Skrall threw at him in the Vulcanus arena.

Set Information

The Jungle Shield was included in 8980 Gresh as two separate blade pieces. Each blade was made of a dark green and lime blend of plastic. As in the story, Gresh could hold them either as twin blades or as a single shield.


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