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"I know something of how the Vorox were treated in the desert these past years. Hunted, hounded, treated like monsters ... all by the so-called intelligent races. Perhaps it might be a good idea for you and your companions to experience some of what they experienced ... it could prove to be a valuable lesson, if inevitably your last one."
— Kabrua, The Yesterday Quest

Tribe Sand
Tools Blaster
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation kah-BROO-uh[1]

Kabrua is a Vorox leader and a secret agent loyal to Velika.


Kabrua was part of the Sand Tribe, under the command of the Element Lord of Sand, and was experimented on by the Great Beings, given a stinger tail and a more bestial appearance.[2]

Before the end of the Core War, Kabrua came to serve a Great Being with a plan to rule Spherus Magna once it was restored by Mata Nui. This Great Being, intending to hide himself in the Matoran Universe, gave Kabrua communication technology with which Kabrua kept him updated on current events.[3] When the Shattering struck, Kabrua was part of the Vorox society that was stranded on Bota Magna. Unlike the Vorox on Bara Magna, Kabrua and his pack did not regress into a more savage state, instead retaining their intellect and capacity for speech.[4]

Over 100,000 years later, Spherus Magna was restored, bringing Bota Magna back to the planet.[5] Kabrua's Great Being contact, in disguise as a Matoran, gave Kabrua a device capable of canceling out the Elemental Powers of Toa, as well as ancient, sophisticated blasters. He also told Kabrua of the social regression of the Vorox of Bara Magna, and the cruel treatment they suffered.[6]

Kabrua and his pack later encountered a search party consisting of Toa Orde, Chiara and Zaria, as well as their guide, Glatorian Gelu. The Vorox successfully trapped the group using their blasters and a net, though the Toa used their Elemental Powers to free themselves. Zaria used his control over Iron to try and disarm the Vorox, but they opened fire upon feeling his power. Kabrua, seeing Gelu's confusion, explained their past, and lack of devolution. Considering the Toa's powers a threat, Kabrua ordered them to be taken back to the Vorox city, and feasted with his people.[4]

The next morning, Kabrua and his pack made their captives the subject of a hunt, giving them a head start into the forest. When two of the Toa attempted to use their elemental powers and gain an advantage, Kabrua revealed his ability to keep them from using their powers, and left some Vorox with the device and the Toa behind as he and others continued on. While searching for Orde and Gelu, Kabrua sensed his mind being probed by Orde, but was unable to pinpoint the Toa's location.[7]

Abilities and Traits

Kabrua, like all other Vorox, possesses a stinger tail as a result of modifications by the Great Beings.[2] He feels a kinship with the Vorox of Bara Magna, and will not hesitate to take action against those who treat them badly.[4] Kabrua also appears to be taller and stronger than the average Vorox.[4]


Kabrua and his pack carry sophisticated blasters, which are capable of launching spheres of explosive force.[4] Kabrua also has a tool capable of blocking the Elemental Powers of a Toa.[7] Both of these items were received from Velika.[6]


"A single Vorox, taller and stronger than the rest, approached the net. This would be the alpha male, thought Gelu. If he decides we’re a possible meal, he’ll signal and the rest will fall on us before we can make a move."
— Narrator, The Yesterday Quest

"The Vorox leader eyed Gelu and the Toa with a gleam in his eye that said he was not so very far from the savagery of his brothers after all."
— Narrator, The Yesterday Quest



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