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"The ground exploded. A massive crimson creature rose up on four great legs and let out an earsplitting roar. Mata Nui had never seen anything like it. It was at least forty feet tall, part animal and part machine. Its legs sported massive treads and ended in vicious claws. Sharp pincers extended from both sides of its jagged mouth. When it took a step, the earth shook."
— Narrator, The Legend Reborn

Powers None
Conservation status Endangered
Known locations Bara Magna
Pronunciation SKOH-pee-OH[1]

The Skopio is a species of massive creature residing in Bara Magna.


The Great Beings tampered with the Skopio species, altering their physiology to make them biomechanical. The Iron Tribe praised and revered Skopio, though this action was looked down upon by the other tribes, and was later attributed to causing the plague that wiped most of them out.[2]

A Skopio attacking Mata Nui

As Mata Nui, Ackar, and Kiina were traveling to Tajun, a Skopio rose out of the sand and attacked them. Kiina attempted to drive past the Skopio in their Thornatus, but the creature knocked over their vehicle. The creature was drawn to Mata Nui, who was using himself as bait, and attacked him. Mata Nui managed to climb on top of the Skopio, and used its Thornax Launcher to take out several Bone Hunters. The Skopio knocked Mata Nui upward, onto a cliff. Mata Nui then caused a rockslide, which buried the Skopio.[3]

Abilities and Traits

A Skopio targeting Mata Nui with its Thornax Launcher

Skopio are the largest and most dangerous creatures of Bara Magna,[4] and can easily grow up to thirty feet in height.[2] They are not very fast,[4] but have thick, powerful shells, which are capable of enduring much damage. They are known to hide beneath the sands and attack when they sense the vibrations of passing prey. Due to their size, there are rarely more than one in a thousand mile radius. Skopio are the apex predators of Bara Magna and are the only creatures that feed on Rock Steeds, although they seem to prefer hunting Sand Stalkers.[2]

Skopio are biomechanical as a result of the alteration of the Great Beings. They possess Thornax Launchers on their tails, fitted with a scope, as well as treads on their legs.[2][3]

The Legend Reborn - Official Movie Guide Stats



A Skopio
  • A Skrall squad was once sent out to capture a Skopio alive for Roxtus. Only their scattered armor was found.[2]
  • Vorox packs have tried to bring down a Skopio in the past with very mixed success.[2]
  • The warrior Telluris, a member of the Iron Tribe, based his vehicle, the Skopio XV-1, on the Skopio creature.[2]
  • The Skopio model seen in The Legend Reborn incorporates elements from the Telluris set figure, though Telluris himself does not appear in the movie.[3]
  • In the Hungarian dub of The Legend Reborn, the Skopio is errorneously referred to as "Scorpion."


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