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"It is said that all endings are merely beginnings waiting to be born. My beginning was much the same. Once I was a towering giant, ruler of my own universe. Fearless. Beholden to none. Protector of my people. Until I was betrayed. All that I had been, all that I had known, was stolen from me by an ever-present evil. My power stripped away, my people enslaved. I was left powerless to save them. And yet, a part of me survived. My spirit. Captured and preserved inside a mask worn by a Toa warrior, its name echoed my rebirth. The Mask of Life!"
Mata Nui's thoughts

The Legend Reborn
BIONICLE The Legend Reborn cover big.jpg
Director Mark Baldo
Producer Joshua Wexler
Writer Sean Catherine Derek
Starring Michael Dorn
James Arnold Taylor
Jim Cummings
Marla Sokoloff
Mark Famiglietti
Distributor Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Release Date September 15th, 2009
Runtime 77 Minutes
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The Legend Reborn is the fourth and final BIONICLE movie. It tells the second half of the 2009 story.


The Great Spirit Mata Nui rises for the first time in over a millennium, destroying the island of Mata Nui in the process. The inhabitants of the body celebrate Mata Nui's awakening. However, the Great Spirit is revealed to be controlled by Teridax. He took control of the body, sealing the spirit of its former ruler into the Kanohi Ignika. Teridax launches the mask into space.

The Ignika ends its journey on Bara Magna. Small creatures called Scarabax Beetles are disrupted by its arrival. They watch the mask, but scatter in fear as it unleashes its energy, turning the surrounding sand into a living being. However, one Scarabax remains and watches the process. Once the phenomenon ends, Mata Nui begins to experiment walking in his newly created body. The Scarabax is nearly trodden on by Mata Nui, who extends his hand for the beetle to climb up. The Scarabax climbs up Mata Nui to the Ignika. The Scarabax touches the mask, and transforms into a shield. As Mata Nui marvels at the weapon, he is attacked by a Vorox. Mata Nui fights against the warrior, and eventually succeeds in breaking off the Vorox's stinger tail and driving it away. The Scarabax changes to its original form. Mata Nui thanks it for helping him and attempts to let it go, but the Scarabax refuses and crawls back onto his shoulder.

The Agori Metus suddenly arrives in a Thornatus, demanding to know Mata Nui's business. Mata Nui states that he is just a traveler looking for the nearest village. Metus offers to give Mata Nui a ride to Vulcanus. During the journey, Metus explains the life of the Agori and Glatorian and also problems with Bone Hunters and Skrall.

After a few minutes, they reach the village of Vulcanus in time to view the current arena match. Metus explains that Glatorian resolve disputes by fighting in the Arena. Mata Nui and Metus reach the lodge, where he meets the leader of Vulcanus, Raanu.

Ackar against Strakk

At the end of the battle, Ackar forces Strakk to concede, and walks away with the warrior's shield. But when Ackar turns his back, Strakk picks up his Axe and throws it at the Glatorian. Warned of the attack, Ackar manages to block the blow, but not before being stunned. Strakk moves in to finish him off, only to be stopped by Mata Nui. Strakk takes the upper hand, forcing Mata Nui to retreat. Protecting himself from Strakk, Mata Nui brushes the Vorox tail against the Ignika, creating a sword.

Taking advantage of the disruption, Mata Nui upends a surprised Strakk, making him admit defeat. Strakk storms out of the arena. Ackar offers Mata Nui the shield, but Mata Nui refuses, saying that Ackar won the shield. Mata Nui asks about Strakk's future, and Ackar replies that Strakk will be exiled for attacking after defeat.

The elder Glatorian invites Mata Nui to his home, showing him his extensive collection of shields. Ackar says he has a match in Tesara, but is not very happy about it. He and Mata Nui talk about how a Glatorian past his prime is of no use to anyone, and of Mata Nui's past. Metus arrives and offers Mata Nui the job of being Glatorian. Mata Nui politely refuses, and Metus leaves.

Kiina emerges from the shadows, having overheard the conversation of Mata Nui's past. She is thrilled by the idea of worlds beyond Bara Magna. It is also during this time that she notices the Scarabax on Mata Nui's shoulder, giving it the name Click. Kiina tells them of a secret cavern near her village, but only agrees to take them there on the condition that when Mata Nui leaves he takes her with him.

A Skopio

The next morning, the group departs for Tajun. On the way they are ambushed by Bone Hunters, and are attacked by a Skopio. After fighting, Mata Nui uses the Skopio's Thornax Launcher to save Kiina and Ackar from the Bone Hunters. He then uses his sword to sever an outcropping of the canyon, which collapses on the Skopio.

The Glatorian and Mata Nui arrive at Tajun, only to find it destroyed. They find a wounded Gresh there as well. He reveals a startling message before passing out: the Bone Hunters and Skrall have united. The group bring him to the cave Kiina spoke of, and find the Agori Berix. After much arguing, Berix is allowed to heal Gresh.

Tuma in Tajun

Kiina states that thousands of years ago, Bara Magna was part of a wonderful paradise. But it was all lost when the Great Beings allowed a silver liquid to destroy the world. While exploring the cave, Mata Nui comes across a carving of the Three Virtues. He touches it, revealing another room. The room contains plans for making a giant robot, similar to Mata Nui's previous form.

The team decides to warn the other villages of the unification and of the traitor. Before departing from Tajun, Mata Nui uses the Ignika's power to transform Ackar's, Kiina's, and Gresh's weapons, granting them elemental powers in the process. The group makes their way to Tesara, arriving in time to stop the an arena match between the Jungle and the Water tribes. Against the protests of the crowd, Tarix and Vastus stop fighting to listen. Ackar informs the crowd that the Bone Hunters and Skrall had allied. The crowd is skeptical, but Kiina backs up his claim, and tells Tarix that their village has been razed. The Fire Glatorian insists that they should abandon the arena match system, and unite against their common foes. Raanu and Metus disagree, but Mata Nui insists that their old ways can no longer support them, and offers his support to the villages. The population eventually decide to unite the villages.

Later that night, Berix follows someone he believes to be the traitor into the Hot Springs after Ackar's call to unite the villages. Kiina secretly follows Berix and confronts him in amongst the geysers, accusing him of being the traitor. When Berix explains that he had been simply following someone, the Glatorian and Agori are suddenly surrounded by a pack of Bone Hunters. They are subdued, captured, and transported to Roxtus to be incarcerated there.

Later, while practicing channeling their newly-bestowed Elemental Powers, the Glatorian are shocked to hear Metus and Raanu tell of the abduction of Kiina and Berix in the Hot Springs. Mata Nui resolves to go after them alone, before they are transported much further from the Springs, and leaves the Glatorian to defend Tesara.

Mata Nui against Tuma

Mata Nui arrives in Roxtus, trying to liberate his allies Kiina and Berix. He confronts Tuma, and the two engage in a one-on-one duel. Mata Nui fells the Skrall leader by repeatedly attacking at a wound on Tuma's back (an injury from an attack by a Baterra while returning from a meeting with the Sisters of the Skrall).

Metus appears and reveals himself to be the traitor, and congratulates Mata Nui on defeating Tuma. Realizing that Metus would command the Skrall and Bone Hunters to attack him, Mata Nui tells Click to flee. Click does so, by digging underground, barely escaping Kiina's Vapor Trident, which Metus slams into the ground to exterminate the Scarabax. Metus further explains that it was he who had managed to band the Rock Tribe and Bone Hunters together, and that they are stronger under one ruler - him. When questioned why he had turned against the other Agori, Metus replies that the Agori had done nothing for him.

Metus orders the forcing surrounding the Arena Roxtus to attack, but before they could carry out the orders, a gigantic being rises above a nearby hill, sending Skrall and Bone Hunters alike running for cover. While chaos begins to unfold, Mata Nui moves to rescue Kiina and Berix. Two elite Skrall stand in his way, however. Thinking quickly, Mata Nui grabs Tuma's shield and throws it. The elite Skrall dodge the shield, but its spinning blades strike the chain holding up the cage in which Kiina and Berix are located. The cage falls to the ground, the two elite Skrall barely evading it. Upon landing, it breaks open, freeing Kiina and Berix.

The three move to survey the scene outside the Arena Roxtus. Soon after, the monstrosity falls apart, revealing itself to be made of many Scarabax. These Scarabax tunnel underground as the other Glatorian and a group of Agori appear as well, armed and ready for battle.

Mata Nui gives Berix a shield before he, Kiina and Berix then jump down from their perch. Mata Nui and Kiina knock two Bone Hunters off their Rock Steeds, but Berix lands backwards on top of one. Startled, it begins to jump about, trying to throw the Water Agori off its back as Bone Hunters move to take out the Agori. When the Bone Hunters get too close, though, the Rock Steed kicks them away as it jumps around. When it finally stops jumping, one Bone Hunter stands up and moves to get Berix. However, Berix throws his arms out in a cheer, and the hand holding the shield knocks the Bone Hunter out.

Meanwhile, Mata Nui, Kiina, Ackar, and Gresh all fight together against the endless armies of Skrall and Bone Hunters, using their newfound elemental powers to their advantage. Mata Nui spots Metus attempting to escape unscathed; telling the others to stay and fend off the enemy, Mata Nui runs after the Ice Tribe Agori.

Metus comes to his Thornatus, which is being guarded by two elite Skrall. As he makes to leave, he notices Mata Nui in pursuit and tells the Skrall to attack. The Skrall comply, but Mata Nui manages to defeat them. As he begins to continue his pursuit, Metus starts up his Thornatus and drives away just in time.

The transformed Metus

Metus soon comes upon two angry Vorox that stand in his way. He shouts for them to move aside, but the angry Vorox ignore his command and tip the Thornatus over. Metus falls out of the cockpit - and skids to a stop at Mata Nui's feet. Mata Nui grabs Metus by the throat and holds him up so the two are eye-to-eye. Metus quickly says that he would give Mata Nui anything he wanted; Mata Nui, though, ignores the deal and touches Metus' forehead to his own, and the power of the Ignika transforms Metus into a serpent-like creature. Mata Nui throws Metus to the ground, telling him that his new form is a personification of what he really is, and the former Agori slithers away, vowing that the united army of Skrall and Bone Hunters will defeat Mata Nui and his friends.

Inspiration suddenly strikes Mata Nui, and he hurries back to his friends. Once there, he tells them that they can win if they are together. They all place their weapons together and charge up their powers. The resulting blast is powerful enough to knock all of the Skrall and Bone Hunters to the ground.

After the Battle of Roxtus, Iconox, Vulcanus, Tesara and Tajun unite. Mata Nui declares Ackar the first leader of the united villagers. Berix suddenly remembers something and pulls from his bag a small object which he found in the Great Being's secret Lab. This item shows the image of the Great Spirit and a symbol of the Three Virtues. Gresh turns the coin, revealing the flip-side to contain an image that appears on the Skrall Saw Blade Shields. Mata Nui declares that it is a map that will help him solve the riddle of their origin. He decides to try to follow this map, along with Kiina, Berix, Ackar and Gresh, saying that their journey has begun.


While voice acting for the first three films was done in Canada, the dialogue for this film was done at Sony Pictures Studios.

Actor Role(s)
Michael Dorn Mata Nui
James Arnold Taylor Berix/Vastus
Jim Cummings Ackar
Marla Sokoloff Kiina
Mark Famiglietti Gresh
David Leisure Metus
Armin Shimerman Raanu
Fred Tatasciore Tuma
Jeff Glen Bennett Strakk/Tarix
Dee Bradley Baker Bone Hunters/Skrall/Vorox
Mark Baldo Various Agori


  • Included with The Legend Reborn was a short extended ending entitled Metus' Revenge.
  • A mural of the DVD cover was constructed out of LEGO bricks and displayed at the 2009 Comic-Con and Lego Kidsfest 2009.
  • Some versions of the DVD included a small booklet with riddles, a contest and the Secrets of Bara Magna! comic. Of these, the US version also included a form for BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn - Official Movie Guide which was a $10 value, but could be gotten free if the form was mailed to the written address.
  • A version of the DVD available at Wal-Mart stores included a limited-edition version of A Hero Reborn with alternate cover art.
  • The DVD includes deleted scenes, which all take place during the Battle of Roxtus. These scenes appear only as animated storyboards, rather than finalized renders.
  • The soundtrack was composed by John D'Andrea.
  • The Matoran seen only wore noble Kakama or Miru.
  • Some Russian or Greek versions of DVD includes small booklet with advertising of 2009 Bionicle Glatorian, and promotional stickers.
  • Regardless of their eye colors in set form, every antagonist in the movie has orange eyes, while every protagonist has blue eyes. The only exception is the main antagonist Metus, who has blue eyes. That said, Metus is presented as a protagonist for most of the movie, and he is only revealed as an antagonist at its climax.

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