Hot Springs

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Hot Springs
Status Intact
Position Near Tesara (Spherus Magna)

The Hot Springs are a grouping of geysers on Spherus Magna near the location of the former village of Tesara.


The steam generated by the Hot Springs was collected by the Agori of the Jungle Tribe and served as a limited source of water for the village of Tesara. For this reason, the ownership rights of the Hot Springs have been contested many times through the Arena Matches system.

Kiina and Berix ambushed in the Hot Springs

During the visit of Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh and Berix to Tesara, the Water Agori followed Metus into the Hot Springs following Ackar's call to unite the villages. Kiina secretly followed Berix and confronted him amongst the geysers, accusing him of being the traitor. When Berix explained that he had been following Metus, the Glatorian and Agori were suddenly surrounded by a pack of Bone Hunters with which Metus had been secretly meeting. Kiina and Berix were subdued, captured, and transported to Roxtus to be incarcerated there.

Later, while practicing the channeling of their newly-bestowed Elemental Powers, the Glatorian were shocked to hear Metus and Raanu tell of the abduction of Kiina and Berix in the Hot Springs. Mata Nui resolved to go after them alone, before they were transported much further from the Springs, and left the Glatorian to defend Tesara.

When Spherus Magna was restored, the Hot Springs became a part of the newly reconstructed planet.


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