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"As a result, most water Agori are very skilled traders, even better at it than the ice tribe members. A popular saying is that water Agori are "sharper than a rock steed's tooth" when it comes to making a deal."
— Narrator, Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna

Water Tribe
Headquarters Tajun
Mega-Village (both formerly)
Leader Element Lord of Water (formerly)
Raanu (as head of the united tribes)
Goals Survive on Spherus Magna
Allies Ice Tribe
Fire Tribe
Jungle Tribe
Enemies Rock Tribe
Bone Hunters
Earth Tribe
Status Active

The Water Tribe is one of the tribes of Spherus Magna.


The Water Tribe was once one of the tribes of Spherus Magna, and were established in the Bara Magna region. Leadership of the tribe was granted by the Great Beings to the Element Lord of Water, an entity created specifically to help them lead the tribes.

The discovery of Energized Protodermis eventually led to a war on the planet, and the Element Lord of Water enlisted the warrior species of his tribe into his army. The war was forcefully ended by the Shattering, a cataclysm that splintered the planet in three. The Element Lord of Water was trapped during the cataclysm. The Water Tribe itself was able to find refuge from the harsh wastelands of Bara Magna in its village of Tajun. Tarix, a warrior of the Water Tribe, helped develop a new social system for the tribes to prevent war.

Trade with other tribes was impeded by regular Bone Hunter raids on trade caravans.

Berix, an Agori of the Water Tribe, discovered an Ancient Spear, which the Water Tribe accused him of stealing. The accusations stopped when a helpful Agori assisted Berix in constructing another one.

After the Attack on Tajun, the Water Tribe was forced to relocate to Knee Island to avoid being assaulted by Bone Hunters and Skrall. The Water Tribe migrated again following the combined assault on Roxtus, this time to a new Mega-Village comprised of the Water, Jungle, Fire, and Ice Tribes. All tribes, including the Water Tribe, left the Mega-Village when Mata Nui was granted permission to use it. Before Mata Nui took control of the Prototype Robot, the villagers moved out.

They are currently residing on the newly reformed Spherus Magna.



  • Berix - An Agori who likes to salvage old armor parts from the desert
  • Scodonius - An Agori who enjoys bragging about his victories in the arena
  • Kirbraz - A competitive Agori who works with Scodonius
  • The former leader of the Water Tribe
  • An Agori who spectated a couple of Arena Matches alongside Metus and Raanu[1][2]



In Tajun, the Agori seldom had need of worrying about the lack of water, but were forced to trade or find virtually everything else. Recent activity of Bone Hunters made it difficult to exchange goods with other villages, and the Tribe had access to very few resources after fleeing their village.

Due to the valuable nature of their resource, the tribe was reputed for their trading abilities.


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