The Rising

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The Rising
Type Podcast
Years released 2008

The Rising is a podcast narrated by Tony Wedgwood. Released in late 2008 on, the podcast describes the awakening of Mata Nui, the Great Spirit. Soon after its release, The Rising was followed by another podcast, The Truth.


Beneath the endless ocean, in the heart of a massive cave, energy pulses course through rock. Machines that sat immobile for a thousand centuries shudder and slowly move, shaking the universe. Power races through long-disused conduits and streams further and further from Karda Nui.

Water ripples around the barren island of Mata Nui, stripped of all life and vegetation by Bohrok hordes. Powerful quakes shake the earth and massive megaliths of mountain and bedrock crash into the ocean. An immense chasm rips upward through the middle of the doomed island, each side sliding toward the ocean as something massive pushes up from below.

Far away, to the south and east and west, water foams and boils as undersea shockwaves spread from the movement beneath the sea. Gigantic whirlpools form and disappear. The sea itself heaves up toward the sky. Two halves of the island churn already-frothing waters as they slide apart and dissolve into the maelstrom.

A tremendous head made of metallic protodermis rises from beneath the shattered remains of the once-beautiful island. Water, soil, and rock cascade off its face as it rises higher and higher into the sky. Titanic shoulders breach the ocean, and an equally immense chest pivots upwards. Slowly, the robot climbs to its feet and towers above the clouds for the first time in a hundred thousand years. Yellow light gleams from its eyes as it surveys the ocean below.

Mata Nui has risen.

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