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"I was the first Psionics Toa, and one of the first Toa ever created. But I was, let's say, a little too ... aggressive in using my powers. I had a temper then. A short fuse plus psionics leads to bad things ... sometimes very bad things."
— Toa Orde, The Yesterday Quest

Toa of Psionics
Affiliation Orde's Team
Tools Mace[1]
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna
Pronunciation OHRD[2]

Orde is a male Toa of Psionics selected to take part in a mission to seek out the Great Beings.


Orde was created by the Great Beings as one of the first Toa, never a Matoran,[3] and was the first Toa of Psionics in existence. His first assignment was to use his mental powers on the savage Zyglak, and make them calmer. However, due to his temper, he ended up using his powers to make them even angrier. All subsequent Matoran and Toa of Psionics were later made female due to the incident, as the Great Beings believed females were more gentle than males.[4]

During his career, he once used his powers to save a dozen trapped Matoran from the Dark Hunters, though he was unable to avoid his own capture. The Dark Hunters interrogated Orde until the rest of his Toa Team rescued him.[5]

Teridax's Reign

After Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, Orde joined in the resistance efforts, eventually making it out of the Great Spirit Robot and onto the planet of Bara Magna, where he participated in the Battle of Bara Magna.[2] Teridax was eventually killed by Mata Nui, who reformed the planet of Spherus Magna, and the Toa were victorious over the Makuta's forces.[6]

Spherus Magna

Onua, Tahu, and Gali later recruited Orde, Chiara, and Zaria for a mission. Orde read Onua's mind during the briefing and learned that their mission was to find the Great Beings and tell them of the success on Spherus Magna, thus fulfilling Mata Nui's request. Onua continued to explain the mission as the Glatorian Gelu arrived, and Orde used his Psionic powers to discover that he would be their guide for the journey, which he revealed to the group. Gelu challenged Orde over the use of his powers by putting his blade to the Toa's throat, but the two were broken up by Chiara.[5]

During the trek, Chiara confronted Orde about his gender, which he had been expecting, and the Toa of Psionics related his history. In charge of scanning the surroundings with his powers, Orde picked up a massive amount of mental activity, but it was quickly silenced, which he later reported to Gelu. The group eventually fell into a trap placed by Vorox, ones that had not socially regressed as they had on Bara Magna. Orde began arguing with the head Vorox, Kabrua, implying that he was nearly as barbaric as the Vorox to the south.[4]

Orde and the others were bound and taken to the edge of the forest, after which their bonds were cut and the Vorox began hunting them. Zaria devised an ambush using Orde and Gelu as the bait, but Orde was unable to use his powers, which Kabrua confirmed as his doing. Orde and Gelu, separated from the other two, climbed a tree to avoid detection, where Orde was able to use his powers and read Kabrua's mind. He discovered that the Vorox received their information from a Matoran Universe inhabitant, who was a Great Being in disguise.[7]

Abilities and Traits

As a Toa of Psionics, Orde possesses the ability to create and control psionic energy; however, unlike Toa of most other elements, Orde cannot absorb psionic energy.[8] He is the first and only male Toa of Psionics. Orde is naturally aggressive and easily angered, but is also incredibly brave and strong-willed in the face of adversity.[9]

Mask and Tools

Orde wielded a mace, although it has been confiscated by the Vorox.[1][7]



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