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Title Mask of Diminishment
Powers Lets user shrink
Component disks Shrink
Bearers Norik
Pronunciation peh-KOO-ee[1]

The Kanohi Pehkui is the Mask of Diminishment, or Mask of Shrinking.[2] It allows its user to shrink themselves and their tools down to a minimum of six inches[3] while still retaining their full strength and power capacity.[4][5]

On Metru Nui, Kanohi Pehkui are made from Shrink Kanoka.[6]

Norik's Kanohi Pehkui in action

Example Usage

In Birth of the Rahaga, Toa Hagah Norik used his Kanohi Pehkui to sneak up on Roodaka while shrunken, then knocked her down with his shield as he returned to normal size.




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