Kanoka Blade

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Kanoka Blade
Manufacturer Vortixx
Users Any being capable of using Kanohi
Function Melee combat
Using Kanoka powers
Status In use
Pronunciation kah-NO-kah

The Kanoka Blade is a half bio-long broadsword with a fist-shaped rigid glove in place of the hilt created by the Vortixx on Xia.


The weapon is forged from Kanoka in a similar fashion to Kanohi, granting it certain powers. However, the Kanoka used, and thus the powers, are limited to the disks used in the creation of Kanohi. Much like a Kanohi, the Kanoka Blade also requires a certain amount of willpower for the power to be used, and therefore only beings capable of activating a Kanohi can use the blade's power. Also similar to a Kanohi, the Kanoka Blade's power cannot be changed from what it was originally forged as. If damaged, the blade could malfunction or cease to work at all.

In addition to a razor-sharp Protodermis blade, the Kanoka Blade's guard is star-shaped and similarly sharp, and the glove hilt protects the user from harm by it.

Incorporated into the Kanoka Blade's glove hilt is a magnetically-attached interface system that allows the user to exert his will and activate the weapon's power. When activated, a Lightstone in the blade's pommel glows, and the blade changes color to reflect the user's elemental affinity to signify its use. Also when in use, a clamp tightens around the user's wrist to secure the weapon, and a forearm covering extends over the user's arm for protection. The Kanoka Blade's power extends to the entirety of the weapon, but no further; the arm guard is included in this range. So, any abilities that the weapon activates are only applied to it and the user's arm.