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The Kanoka Club page

The Kanoka Club is a page on BIONICLE.com where Kanoka, Rhotuka, and some set canister/box codes, known as Kanoka codes or (as of 2008) B.I.O. Codes, are transcribed and transformed into virtual wealth. The currency is aptly named "Kanoka Points" and used to purchase online goodies, like wallpapers, screen-savers, and more. The Club and the archived links are only accessible to those signed up as members on LEGO.com.

The Kanoka or B.I.O. codes of most sets tended to offer 200 Kanoka Points when initially entered. After a year the payout is cut to 100 points, and after two years the code is no longer accepted by the site. Later after the Kanoka Club was established, Kanoka Codes began to contribute not only to one's Kanoka Points but also to one's Club Points, which were used on Club Pages (personalized pages that foreshadowed the more advanced My LEGO Network pages) to unlock stickers and other content. As of 2009, Kanoka Points are no longer obtained from the site.

In 2004, Kanoka codes consisted merely of the three-number codes printed on Kanoka disks, as well as longer codes found on "Kanoka cards" packaged in each Vahki and Toa Metru canister set for the purpose of an instant win game. The Nidhiki, Krekka, and Turaga Dume and Nivawk sets each had the code for a Ga-Metru disk printed in the back of their instruction booklets, even though the two Dark Hunter sets featured actual Kanoka disks whose codes could likewise be entered on the site. The 2004 January - May Lego Catalogue contained a Po-Metru code in its Bionicle section.

In 2005 the six-character Kanoka codes were printed in Matoran lettering on one of the Rhotuka spinners packaged in each set. These codes could only be entered if combined with a three-character prefix printed on the set's packaging.

In sets released in 2006 or later, Kanoka and B.I.O. codes are merely printed on the packaging of the set from which the code is obtained. These codes tend to consist of a three-character prefix made up of letters from the set's name followed by a three-number suffix. However, the Vezon and Fenrakk set featured a six-letter prefix.

As of 2007, points that are entered have also been turned into standard LEGO club points that can be used to purchase stickers and backgrounds for LEGO club personal pages, resulting in several members getting many more points than what they originally had. Members can play games on the Kanoka Club's archive, which users can obtain access to by either being a member of the LEGO Club, or by entering a code. There are also the old storyline features including Comics, animations, and bios. In 2008, the Kanoka codes were renamed "B.I.O. Codes." The Kanoka Club, however, has still kept its original name.

B.I.O. Codes can also be used in the Battle For Power game to obtain promo "items," like early renditions of Vamprah's mask, prototypes of the Toa and Makuta, early versions of Lewa's mask and early designs of the Av-Matoran's jetpacks. To use the links of the rewards though, the game members enter it for it to be unlocked. Members can earn some Kanoka/B.I.O. Codes by beating the Battle For Power games on Silver or Gold, and special ones as well, which can be put into the Kanoka Club entry point.

On May 5, 2008, the Kanoka Club points were made to work towards the club member's My LEGO Network page, in which one can receive a BIONICLE badge for it. Upon entering older codes, stickers can also be redeemed from My LEGO Network from the Kanoka Club. A total of five are obtainable: the Avohkii, Sarda, a Protocairn, an active Gahlok's Krana Xa, and Dekar. These would be sent by mail from Whenua, a networker on the site and until 2009 the Kanoka Club's spokesperson on MLN. A badge was given to Kanoka Club members from before 2007, and members with this badge could befriend Whenua and purchase additional BIONICLE stickers and media. The summer 2008 B.I.O. codes rewarded members with a spinning animation of the set that the code came from.

Members who have Swamp of Secrets can enter the B.I.O. Code that is included with the book in the Kanoka Club to read the story of The Kingdom.

In 2009, the Kanoka Club became a page simply to enter B.I.O. and Kanoka codes. When a B.I.O. code is entered, the member receives a sticker for his My LEGO Network page. The Kanoka Club page is now called the B.I.O. codes page, and no longer contains links to the BIONICLE archives, which are no longer on the servers.

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