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"Concealing the mask in a safe place, Iruini uses his Kanohi Mask of Quick Travel to teleport himself... and reappears next to the Visorak cage."
— Narrator, Birth of the Rahaga

BH Kanohi Kualsi.png
Title Mask of Quick Travel
Powers Teleportation
Component disks Teleport
Bearers Iruini
Pronunciation KOO-ahl-see

The Kanohi Kualsi is the Mask of Quick Travel. It allows its user to instantly move to any place in their field of vision. The user can teleport objects with them, but not other beings.[citation needed] A Kualsi user cannot teleport through energy fields, such as those made by a Kanohi Hau.[1] The user can travel to places they see via a Kanohi Suletu, but the process is very risky.[citation needed]

On Metru Nui, Kanohi Kualsi are made from Teleport Kanoka.[2]

A Kanohi Kualsi in action
The Kanohi Kualsi in set form

Example Usage

Iruini used his Kanohi Kualsi to teleport next to a cage holding four of the Rahaga in Birth of the Rahaga.



  • Toa Hagah Iruini - Lost when he became a Rahaga; now restored
  • A past hero whom Iruini honors with his mask


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