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Users Vultraz (formerly)
Function Flight
Status Destroyed
Set number 8698

The Skyfighter was an aerial vehicle designed and piloted by the Shadow Matoran Vultraz.


After having the Skyfighter constructed, Vultraz had the Skyfighter's Midak Skyblaster modified to shoot Shadow by a rogue Nynrah Ghost on Stelt.[1] He then used it to attack a Matoran village on an island nearby, killing two Matoran and injuring twelve more.

From there, Vultraz flew to Karda Nui, where he found his old enemy, Mazeka, searching for him. The Shadow Matoran flew the Skyfighter into a power dive, intending to kill the Ko-Matoran, when a portal suddenly appeared between the two foes.

When they emerged from the other side of the portal and onto Spherus Magna in The Melding Alternate Universe, Vultraz found himself plummeting towards a vast organism. Shards of razor-sharp crystals flew from it, destroying pieces of the vehicle and knocking it out of control. Vultraz managed to leave the vehicle in time, which crashed into the creature and was transformed into energy.


The vehicle was designed to channel Vultraz's Shadow powers through its nose. It was later armed with a specially modified Midak Skyblaster that was capable of firing shadow blasts.[Bios]

Set Information

Vultraz piloting his Skyfighter

Vultraz and his Skyfighter were released as a set in August 2008. The set's Midak Skyblaster holds four silver Zamor Spheres representing the spheres of shadow it fires, while the set's other four Zamor Spheres can be stored in the body of the craft. The entire set consists of 133 pieces, 121 of which are used to construct the Skyfighter.


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