Kanoka Toss

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Kanoka Toss
Matoran Game
Equipment Kanoka Disk
Location Metru Nui (formerly)
Pronunciation kah-NO-kah[1]

Kanoka Toss was a very dangerous sport played mostly in Ta-Metru and Onu-Metru. In this game, one player would throw a Kanoka disk, while the second player attempted to catch it. However, the other player must catch the disk after it has expended so much momentum that catching it will not cause it to trigger its power. This required excellent timing on the behalf of the catching Matoran, as well as a considerable amount of courage. It was not uncommon for players to be frozen, shrunk, or reconstituted by a Kanoka.

Onu-Matoran would also sometimes play Kanoka Toss in the darkness of the Archives' sub-levels.





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