Disk Surfing

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Disk Surfing
Matoran Game
Equipment Kanoka
Location Chutes (formerly)
Canals (formerly)

Disk Surfing was a popular, yet illegal, sport on Metru Nui that featured Matoran riding Kanoka Disks though Chutes, Protodermis Canals and various other daring locations.


Despite its illegal status, Matoran participating in this sport were rarely punished unless they disrupted others' work or sustained injuries that prevented them from doing their own occupation. Disk Surfing was especially popular with Le-Matoran, many of whom knew where the best chute tracks could be found.

After Teridax placed all the Matoran of Metru Nui into Matoran Spheres, they lost their memories of Metru Nui, including the tradition of Disk Surfing.


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