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"The desert is a place of extremes. Blazing heat, chilling cold, fierce loyalty ... and deep hatred."
Malum's thoughts, Empire of the Skrall

Status Intact
Position Bara Magna (Spherus Magna)

The Wastelands are the savage outskirts of the Bara Magna villages, fraught with dangerous creatures and hazardous terrains.


When the Shattering destroyed Spherus Magna approximately 100,000 years ago, the desert region of Bara Magna was separated from other regions of the planet into the largest of the three pieces. Following the cataclysm, the new planet was titled Bara Magna and the desert area became known as the Wastelands. Decimated structures and abandoned arenas are littered throughout the wastelands, having been broken in the Shattering, and never repaired by the Agori.

The Sand Tribe, a nomadic tribe on the planet of Bara Magna, gradually devolved into savage beasts, claiming the desert as their own. Relatives of the Rock Agori, the Bone Hunters, claimed territory in the wastelands as well, attacking and capturing villagers and trade caravans that wander near their territory. Exiled Glatorian, unable to seek refuge in a village, also wander the sands.

Malum and his Vorox in the Wastelands

The Glatorian Malum was at one point exiled from his home of Vulcanus for attempting to kill Strakk during an arena match. Malum later gained the alliance of a pack of Vorox, after defeating their leader.

After a Skrall patrol traveling across the desert was attacked by Malum and his pack which then vanished into the dunes, another patrol was sent out to capture Malum. Following tracks left by Vorox, the Skrall attempted to lure them out, only to find themselves in an ambush which resulted in half the Skrall and their mounts falling into a pit and the rest being attacked by Vorox. Upon the Skrall escaping the pit, they were able to regroup and down many of the Vorox which were part of the ambush, as well as another group of fifty Vorox which emerged. By trapping and taking Malum, who had been watching, hostage, the Skrall were able to capture several of the Vorox and return to Roxtus with them and Malum. The captured Vorox and Malum were later able to escape from Roxtus into the Wastelands.

When the Hero Agori agreed to help Raanu of the Fire Tribe find protection against the Bone Hunters for his village, the Hero Agori first traveled here to convince Vulcanus' former Second Glatorian, Malum, to help. At first, Malum refused, but after being given Thornax, the ex-Glatorian told the Agori to make Thornax Stew for a Zesk and a Vorox, then tell them the Bone Hunters had more of it, hoping the Vorox would attack the hunters.

Following a harrowing journey through the Black Spike Mountains, a caravan carrying Exsidian to Vulcanus manned by Gresh, Strakk, Tarduk, Kirbold, Ackar and Kiina ran into the desert pursued by Stronius and Skrall. Seeing Malum and his Vorox ahead, the group engineered the Skrall to fight the Vorox, escaping. Traversing toward Vulcanus, they found a Bone Hunter group victim of a Skopio attack. Then Telluris and his Skopio XV-1 attacked the group. The Exsidian was used to stop the Skopio XV-1's treads, and Kiina knocked Telluris out and sabotaged the machine. They later reached Vulcanus.

Preparing Vulcanus' defenses for an upcoming Bone Hunter raid, Ackar and ex-Glatorian Gelu wandered into the Wastelands to secure an alliance with Malum and his pack of Vorox. Although the former Fire Glatorian was reluctant to help fortify his old village directly, he agreed to stage an attack on a Bone Hunter encampment to support Vulcanus' cause.

Later, Kiina and Tarix scanned the Wastelands to investigate reports of a herd of Rock Steeds. They discovered two dead Glatorian trainees from Vulcanus, and the Water Second Glatorian traveled to the Fire village to inform them of the casualties.

Fero and a band of Bone Hunters were traveling through the Wastelands when one of the younger Hunters objected to the raid. To deal with the insubordination, Fero slew him and the party continued towards Vulcanus to launch their attack on the village.

Mata Nui landed in the wastelands of Bara Magna. After the Ignika gave him a body, he met Click, who was transformed into the Scarab Shield by the Ignika. Mata Nui was found by a lone Vorox and fought the bestial warrior. After its stinger tail was broken off, the Vorox retreated. Click transformed back into a beetle, and despite Mata Nui's attempts to let him go, Click chose to stay. They were later discovered by Metus. Mata Nui traveled with the Agori in the direction of Vulcanus, noting the devastation to the planet, and the half-buried buildings in the sand. After fighting and defeating a Sand Bat, Mata Nui and Metus resumed their journey.

Mata Nui, Ackar, and Kiina traversed the Wastelands through Sandray Canyon but were attacked by Bone Hunters and Skopio. Using their skill, they were able to defeat both, later seeing Tajun ransacked. After picking up Gresh and Berix the group stopped to see the Elemental Powers Mata Nui had given them. After a practice session, they reached Tesara. Mata Nui then went alone to save Kiina and Berix from the Skrall.

After being defeated by Mata Nui, the Leader Skrall Tuma was briefly incarcerated in the Mega-Village, but escaped into the Wastelands. Many other Skrall and Bone Hunter's did as well.

Mata Nui returned in the Wastelands with the Power Source, and used it to power up the Prototype Robot. Then, Teridax arrived in the Great Spirit Robot and confronted Mata Nui. The Battle of Bara Magna began, and the Glatorian tried to distract Teridax. Gresh was launched to a hatch in Teridax's foot, and opening it, watched as Rahkshi and Skakdi streamed out followed by Toa led by Tahu and Takanuva. The Ignika devolved Tahu into a Toa Mata and created the Golden Armor. Gresh, Tahu, and Takanuva recovered the Golden Armor from a rogue Skrall group, Rahkshi of Heat Vision, and Nektann. Tahu then used it, killing all the Rahkshi as Mata Nui pushed Teridax into a fragment of Aqua Magna, killing him. Spherus Magna was restored, and Mata Nui used the Ignika to create a new lush landscape.[1][2] The desert still exists, although it is much smaller.[3]


A Vorox in the Wastelands

The Wastelands were a barren location, and dominated much of Bara Magna, interrupted only by the various villages that dotted the land. Thornax plants typically grow throughout the wastes, one of the only types of vegetation that could grow in the arid climate.

After Mata Nui rejuvenated the Bara Magna desert, much of the Wastelands became covered in flora.

Iron Canyon

The Iron Canyon is a thin, winding canyon located to the east of Vulcanus and was the site of a pivotal battle during the Core War.

Sea of Liquid Sand

The Sea of Liquid Sand is an open expanse of liquid-like sand in the southwestern area of the Wastelands.

Sandray Canyon

The Sandray Canyon is a treacherous canyon to the east of Tajun.

Knee Island

The Knee Island was a landmark to the west of Tajun. Here, the knee of the Great Being's first giant robot rose above the sand. The Agori of Tajun took refuge here during the attack on their village.

Dunes of Treason

The Dunes of Treason is a midwestern area of the Wastelands.

An aerial view of Creep Canyon

Creep Canyon

The Creep Canyon is the north-eastern part of the Wastelands, and is separated from the Dunes of Treason by the Skrall River.

Skrall River

The Skrall River is a river which flows from the Black Spike Mountains, and separates the Dunes of Treason from the Creep Canyon.

Bone Hunters Stronghold

Though a nomadic tribe, the Bone Hunters have claimed a building in the desert for their own, and converted it into a stronghold.


Sand Tribe

A Vorox and Zesk of the Sand Tribe

The Sand Tribe's members never settled in a village, living as very reclusive nomads even before the Shattering. After that cataclysmic event they reverted into a more primal state, losing all individual identity. They now wander the wastelands. Within the Sand Tribe, members are also divided up into packs.

The tribe is comprised of numerous Zesk and Vorox, with one of the packs led by the exiled Glatorian Malum.

Iron Tribe

After a mysterious disease wiped out many of the members of the Iron Tribe on Spherus Magna, the survivors retreated to the wilderness. Several members, such as Telluris and Sahmad, eventually ended up in the wastelands after the Shattering.

Bone Hunters

The Bone Hunters are a species of thieves and raiders, related to the Rock Tribe. They pillage trade caravans, and attack Agori and Glatorian that wander too far out.


When a Glatorian breaks a major rule of the arena, they are typically banished to the wastelands as punishment. Malum is one such warrior. They, as well as other members of the Glatorian species who are not able to find work, typically become bandits.

Rock Tribe

After their defeat, the Rock Tribe was forced into the wastelands.


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