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"As usual, trying to get a scholar to take a break from his studies to talk was like trying to teach kolhii rules to a Rahkshi."
— Narrator, Mystery of Metru Nui

Matoran Occupation
Purpose Study
Location Matoran Universe
Spherus Magna

Scholars are Matoran researchers who handle a wide variety of subjects. Scholars can study anything from language to Energized Protodermis to Kanoka development to prophecies of the future. The position requires a large amount of patience and concentration, so most scholars are Ko-Matoran and Ga-Matoran as a general rule. Scholars were largely seen on Metru Nui, but were also present on Mata Nui, Mahri Nui, and the Tren Krom Peninsula.


Metru Nui

Ko-Matoran Scholars in a Knowledge Tower

Scholars on Metru Nui were mainly located in Ko-Metru, though there were a large number of scholars in Ga-Metru as well.

Amongst Ko-Matoran, the position was considered to be the highest honor, and almost all strove to claim the post. Scholars worked in Knowledge Towers, which also served as storage facilities for documents for easy reference; they worked on what were considered the most important projects in Towers of Thought. Ko-Matoran scholars primarily researched prophecies, reading the stars above Metru Nui to discern the future, but they also worked with Matoran from other Metru on various projects, such as the development of Kanoka disks, Vahki design, or the long-running study of Energized Protodermis. They were assisted by Messengers who ran errands for them. They also did not like Onu-Matoran, as they believed that the future was more important then the past.

Ga-Matoran scholars worked primarily in Protodermis Labs, where they attempted to develop more efficient ways to purify Protodermis, and to synthesize and understand Energized Protodermis with help from the Ko-Matoran. They also developed various experimental types of Protodermis, some of which are considered extremely dangerous.

Mata Nui

Ko-Matoran were the only scholars seen on Mata Nui. They spent most of their time in the Sanctum in Ko-Koro, taking part in the Seeking. The Seeking was the study and translation of the Wall of Prophecy, trying to understand the inscriptions and unraveling what secrets they held.

Mahri Nui

The only known scholar on Mahri Nui was Defilak.

Tren Krom Peninsula

Mazeka was a scholar before his mentor was murdered by Vultraz, who wanted his research.

Known Scholars