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"Each of the Matoran stepped forward and placed their Toa stone in a niche in the suva. A beam of elemental energy shot from the assembled stones. The temple chamber shook as if a great earthquake had struck the city. Then, as suddenly as they began, the tremors came to a stop."
— Narrator, Legends of Metru Nui

Toa Stone
LoMN Toa Stone.PNG
Manufacturer Great Beings, Toa
Users Matoran
Function Create/summon Toa
Status In use
Location Matoran Universe (formerly), Spherus Magna
Pronunciation TOE-ah

Gali's Toa Stone
Nokama with her Toa Stone

A Toa Stone is a stone which has been imbued with an amount of Toa Power.[1] Originally created by the Great Beings,[citation needed] these special stones can be used to transform Matoran into Toa.[1]


A Toa Stone can be made from any ordinary stone chosen by a Toa.[1] Each Toa Stone has some recognizable difference between itself and other stones. This may range from coloring,[B2:LoMN] size, shape[QftT] or type of stone.[citation needed]

When the time is right, a Toa Stone can discharge its Toa Power into a Matoran destined to become a Toa.[B2:LoMN] The Toa Stone can discharge this power even if the Toa who created it is dead.[2]


1,001 years ago, Toa Stones were given to Vakama, Nokama, Matau, Nuju, Onewa and Whenua by Toa Mangai Lhikan to create new Toa to guard Metru Nui. The six Matoran brought these Toa Stones to the Great Temple's Suva shrine and were transformed into the Toa Metru.[B2:LoMN]

After the Great Cataclysm, the Toa Metru made six Toa Stones for future Toa and hid them around the island of Mata Nui, believing that only a true Toa could find them.[1] Towards the end of the Dark Time, Takua found these, and used them to trigger a signal that summoned the Toa Canisters containing the Toa Mata to Mata Nui.[QftT]


  • The Avohkii was infused with Toa Power. When Takua donned it, the mask acted like a Toa Stone.[3]


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