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"The cube had shapecarved spaces on each side, a perfect fit for the power symbols that were stolen from us."
Toa Nuva Lewa, Makuta's Revenge

Nuva Cube
Nuva Cube.png
Manufacturer Artakha
Users Bohrok-Kal
Function Unlock the Toa Seal to the Bahrag
Status In use
Location Spherus Magna[1]
Pronunciation NOO-vah

The Nuva Cube is an artifact made in Artakha.


The Nuva Cube was crafted as a failsafe by Artakha.[2]

The Nuva Cube was teleported to the the Bohrok Nests, and when the Toa Mata sealed the Bahrag in a protodermis cage, the Cube acted like a seal when it sensed the combined energies of the Bahrag and the cage.[2] Realizing a connection between the Cube and the Nuva Symbols, the Bohrok-Kal stole the Symbols and attempted to fit them onto the Cube in order to release the Bahrag.[3] The Toa Nuva prevented the Bohrok-Kal from doing so, and the Nuva Cube was left in the Nest.[4]

After the death of Teridax, the Nuva Cube was salvaged from the Great Spirit Robot and put somewhere for safekeeping.[1]


The Cube shares a relationship with the Elemental Powers of the Toa Nuva through the Nuva Symbols. Its design allows the six Symbols to be positioned on the Cube, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. By connecting the pieces, the cube could have been used to unlock the Toa Seal that trapped the Bahrag.[4]


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