Mask of Mutation

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Mask of Mutation
Shapeshifted Mask of Mutation.JPG
Miserix's Mask of Mutation
Title Mask of Mutation
Powers Permanently mutates target
Component disks Reconstitute at Random[1]
Bearers Miserix[2]

The Mask of Mutation allows its user to mutate another living being from a distance.[3] The user can also give powers with the mutations.[4] However, its user cannot mutate themselves.[5] A mutation caused by the mask is permanent unless it is undone by the mask user.[2]

A Mask of Mutation can undo other mutations such as those caused by Hordika Venom, Makuta viruses, and Roodaka's Rhotuka power, but not those caused by Energized Protodermis.[4] In theory, reversing a mutation is more difficult without detailed knowledge of the original mutation.[citation needed]




  • Although the Mask of Mutation is used by a Makuta, Toa do not consider it to be an immoral mask as Miserix was not a part of the Makuta's rebellion.[2]
  • Mutran was originally going to wear the "Kanohi Artidax," the Mask of Mutation, but Greg Farshtey dropped the idea upon seeing that Mutran and Chirox shared the same mask in their sets. The name Artidax became an island, and the Mask of Mutation was instead given to Miserix.[Bios]


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