Antroz's Cavern

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Antroz's Cavern
Status Destroyed
Population The Phantoka Makuta
Position Karda Nui

Antroz's Cavern[1] was a the base of operations of the Makuta in the Karda Nui sky.


Sometime after their invasion of Karda Nui, the Makuta established a headquarters for themselves among the Karda Nui caverns. Along with the Shadow Leech Hive, the cavern was the primary base of the Makuta who remained in the sky attacking the Stalactite Villages of the Av-Matoran. They also stored one of the Keystones here.

Following the arrival of the Toa Nuva and their first battle against the Makuta, Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah retreated to the cavern to nurse their wounded pride. Antroz sent Vamprah to retrieve Mutran, and when they returned, Antroz told him and Chirox to prepare a creature for Vican to ride on in order to summon Makuta Icarax to Karda Nui.[2][3][4]

After the Toa Nuva destroyed the Shadow Leech Hive, the Makuta again regrouped in Antroz's cavern where they planned their next move. Icarax arrived then, and from here they launched their last attack on the Av-Matoran. Scarcely had they reached the village, however, than they realized it was abandoned. They quickly learned that the Toa Nuva had sneaked past them and raided their cavern base for their keystone in the time that they had been away.[1]

Antroz's cavern was destroyed following the arrival of the Energy Storms.


  • The entry for the Shadow Leech Hive in BIONICLE: Makuta's Guide to the Universe is written in a way that implies that there was only one cavern, and the place where strategy was formed and Mutran experimented were the same. However, given that the Makuta retreated to Antroz's cavern following the destruction of Mutran's hive, these places should be seen as separate.[5]


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