Mask of Elemental Energy

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"Immediately after donning it she felt a rush of pure energy flowing through her body, revitalizing her powers. It wasn't enough to eliminate her exhaustion, but acted as a stimulant, giving her a much needed boost."
— Narrator, No One Gets Left Behind

Mask of Elemental Energy
BH Kanohi of Elemental Energy.png
Title Mask of Elemental Energy
Powers Restoring Elemental Energy
Component disks Unknown
Bearers Varian (secondary mask)

A Mask of Elemental Energy in BIONICLE: The Game
A Mask of Elemental Energy in a trailer for BIONICLE: The Game

The Mask of Elemental Energy is a mask that gives its user the power to regenerate their Elemental Energy instantly. However, it can only be used once[OGD: Jun 2 2004, 01:28 AM][OGD: Oct 21 2006, 07:52 PM][OGQ: Oct 27 2010, 05:00 AM] and then the Kanohi disappears.[OGQ]

Example Usage

In No One Gets Left Behind, Toa Varian used a Mask of Elemental Energy to replenish her depleted elemental power reserves, giving her enough energy to telekinetically stop a boat.




  • The Mask of Elemental Energy first appeared in the non-canon BIONICLE: The Game, although it has since been established as canon. The mask was not used in any other form of official media, since it was only intended as a power-up for the video game, although it did appear as an unlockable in BIONICLE Heroes. It was later featured in the winning story of BIONICLEsector01's Stasis Toa contest.
  • If a Toa unleashes a Nova Blast, a Mask of Elemental Energy cannot recharge the Toa to full power.[OGQ]

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