Mask of Elemental Energy

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"Immediately after donning it she felt a rush of pure energy flowing through her body, revitalizing her powers. It wasn't enough to eliminate her exhaustion, but acted as a stimulant, giving her a much needed boost."
— Narrator, No One Gets Left Behind

Mask of Elemental Energy
Title Mask of Elemental Energy
Powers Restoring Elemental Energy
Bearers Varian (secondary mask)

A Mask of Elemental Energy in BIONICLE: The Game
A Mask of Elemental Energy in a trailer for BIONICLE: The Game

The Mask of Elemental Energy is a single-use Kanohi that allows its user to instantly regenerate some of their Elemental Energy.[1][2][3]

Example Usage

In No One Gets Left Behind, Toa Varian used a Mask of Elemental Energy to replenish her depleted elemental power reserves, giving her enough energy to telekinetically stop a boat.




  • The Mask of Elemental Energy first appeared in the non-canon BIONICLE: The Game, although it has since been established as canon. The mask was not used in any other form of official media, although it did appear as an unlockable item in BIONICLE Heroes and was later featured in the winning story of BIONICLEsector01's Stasis Toa contest.
  • A Mask of Elemental Energy is not capable of restoring Toa who have unleashed a Nova Blast to full power.[2]


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