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Title Silver Mask of Wisdom[1]
Powers Levitation
Water breathing
X-ray vision
Component disks None
Bearers Wairuha (formerly)
Pronunciation ROO-ah[1]

The Kanohi Rua from the Power Pack

The Kanohi Rua was the Silver Mask of Wisdom.[1] It gave its user the powers of Levitation, Water Breathing, and X-Ray Vision. A Rua can be formed by merging a Miru, Kaukau, and Akaku together. The powers could be activated separately or in combination. The mask appeared as a silver Kanohi Hau.[2] If the Rua were to be taken off of its Toa Kaita user, it would continue to stay together for as long as the Kaita existed. The Rua cannot be used by a normal Toa.[3]


Set Information

The Kanohi Rua in Mata Nui Online Game


  • It is not possible to create a Noble Kanohi Rua.[4]
  • The Toa Wairuha combiner model wore Lewa's normal green Kanohi Miru, because none of the component sets included silver Kanohi. In the Mata Nui Online Game and in the The Legend of Mata Nui, Wairuha is shown with a silver Miru representing the Rua,[5][6] but the PowerPack included a chrome Hau advertised as the Rua. On the 2003 website and in the BIONICLE: Collector's Sticker Book, all of the Silver Masks from 8559 BIONICLE Krana are said to represent the Mask of Wisdom, while all of the Golden Masks represent the Mask of Valor.[7][8] According to Greg Farshtey, the Hau shape from the PowerPack is considered to be the canonical shape,[2] which is also used to represent the mask in the video game BIONICLE Heroes.[9]
  • In the October 23 build of The Legend of Mata Nui, the glossary's Toa Kaita Wairuha entry misspells Rua as "Ruha."[6]


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