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BIONICLE Challenge
Video Game
Developer Kiloo
Publisher Living Mobile
TT Games
Platform Mobile phone
Controls Mobile Buttons/Joystick
Release Date 2006

BIONICLE Challenge is a non-canonical mobile racing game developed by Kiloo and published by Living Mobile, a subsidiary of Disney Interactive in association with TT Games. Living Mobile was then rebranded as Disney Mobile Games Studio s.r.o shortly after release.[1] The objective of the game is to control one of the three available characters - Matau, Kualus, or Toa Inika Nuparu - and race against the other two characters. Each character has different levels of weapon, fuel, and armor.

Character Statistics


Weapon: 40
Fuel: 100
Armor: 70


Weapon: 55
Fuel: 45
Armor: 100


Weapon: 90
Fuel: 85
Armor: 45



When the game is started, there is an option to choose either easy, medium, or hard difficulty. After this, the player must choose to either play in a tournament or a single race. Throughout the race, there are numerous powerups in the form of Zamor Spheres. Yellow Zamor Spheres drain fuel from opponents when activated, complete loss of fuel causing the player to crash. The Red Zamor Spheres damage opponents when used. Blue Zamor Spheres slow down opponents when launched. During the race, the player must be cautious of scenery, as colliding with assorted scenery will cause a drop in the energy level. Once the energy level is depleted, the player's vehicle will be destroyed and precious seconds are wasted waiting for it to be rebuilt. In the race, the player has the option to attack their opponents, allowing them to destroy the competition, and possibly slow them down.

Placing in each race will earn a certain number of points:

  • 1st place - 1200 points
  • 2nd place - 800 points
  • 3rd place - 400 points

In addition to this, destroying an opponent earns 300 additional points each time.

Available Levels


  • When the player starts the game, the countdown for the start is showed in Matoran-language characters.
  • When the player beats the Tournament mode, they are greeted with the "Mask of Life," appearing as a golden version of the Piraka faces used in the BIONICLE Heroes campaign promotion.
  • The game’s original title was BIONICLE Arena before being changed in the final release.

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