Energized Ice Sword

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Energized Ice Sword
Users Matoro
Function Channeling his Ice powers
Melee combat
Status Transformed
Turned into energy

Toa Inika Matoro creating an icy surface underneath the Kardas Dragon
The Energized Ice Sword in set form

The Energized Ice Sword, also known simply as the Ice Sword,[1] was Toa Inika Matoro's Toa Tool. It could channel his Ice powers and shoot blasts of electrified ice, and it could also be used as a melee weapon. When Matoro became a Toa Mahri, the Energized Ice Sword was transformed into the Twin Cutter by the Kanohi Ignika's energy.

Example Usage

In In Final Battle, Matoro used the Sword to create a slippery surface underneath Kardas so that it would slip and fall.

Set Information

The Energized Ice Sword was released with the Toa Inika Matoro set in 2006. By pressing a small black button on the side of the Energized Ice Sword, a light blue strobe light could be activated for a short period of time.


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