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Title Gold Mask of Valor[1]
Powers Shielding
Component disks None
Bearers Akamai (formerly)
Pronunciation OCK-kee[1]

The Kanohi Aki was the Gold Mask of Valor.[1] It gave its user the powers of Shielding, Speed, and Strength. Aki can be formed by merging a Hau, Pakari, and Kakama together. The powers could be activated separately or in combination. The Aki appeared as a golden Great Kanohi Hau. If an Aki were to be taken off of its Toa Kaita user, it would continue to stay merged as one mask for as long as the Kaita was still in existence.


A Kanohi Aki in BIONICLE Heroes


  • It is not possible to create a Noble Kanohi Aki.[citation needed]
  • The Toa Akamai set uses Toa Tahu's normal red Hau, because none of the component models included gold masks. However, it is shown as gold in the Mata Nui Online Game and BIONICLE Heroes.

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