Energized Flame Sword

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Energized Flame Sword
Users Jaller
Function Channeling his Fire powers
Melee combat
Status Transformed

Jaller firing an Energized Flame Sword at Hakann
The Energized Flame Sword in set form

The Energized Flame Sword was Toa Inika Jaller's Toa Tool. It could be used to channel his Fire powers and shoot blasts of electrified fire, or as a melee weapon. When Jaller became a Toa Mahri, the sword was transformed into the Aquatic Power Blade by the Ignika's energy.

Example Usage

In Showdown, Jaller used his Energized Flame Sword to blast electrified fire at Hakann.

Set Information

The Energized Flame Sword was released in the Toa Jaller set in 2006. By pressing a black button on the side of the Energized Flame Sword, a green strobe light can be activated for a short time. A life-sized foam Energized Flame Sword was also released in the same year as part of LEGO's line of life-sized toys.


  • Every media depicts Jaller as possessing only one Energized Flame Sword with the exception of Prisoners of the Pit, which described him with two. Greg Farshtey originally addressed this as a typo,[1] but later said he wanted Jaller to have two swords in the story.[2][3]


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