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Toa Mata Platform Game
Toa Mata Platform Game.PNG
Video Game
Platform PC
Controls Keyboard
Release Date 2001

The Toa Mata Platform Game is a 2-D computer game that was released on the Toa Mata Nestlé Promo CD.


The game is started when one looks at the information for a Turaga on the CD's main menu. After some information on that Turaga, the player is told to, "Help Toa to the temple by clicking the mask", and the Kanohi of that Turaga's corresponding Toa is shown.

When the game is started, the player is informed that, "Your task is to jump from platform to platform, and collect all the masks of the color of your Toa. But, be careful to avoid the infected Kanohi. Navigate by using the arrow keys, and press the space bar to jump."

The game then starts. The player controls the Toa corresponding to the Turaga he/she viewed earlier, while gameplay takes place in the Toa's respective region. The game is viewed from the Toa's side, and the view scrolls automatically to the right, pushing the Toa forward if they are on the left side of the screen and backward if they are on the right side.

The levels are very short - there are only up to five masks in each, with the some infected masks. The Toa has two lives - one is lost if the Toa falls of the platforms, hits an infected mask, or Once the player reaches the end, with all the masks, he/she is given the message, "Great moves! Here is the secret movie for your character."

A movie clip is then shown. This 'secret movie' was available on, and are clips of the different Toa, for example, Kopaka stopping an avalanche.

However, if the player loses all the lives given, the commentator says, "Game over. Your Toa did not make it." However, if the player gets a number of points and then loses a life, the player keeps those points - this means the player can get maximum points by getting all the masks then dying, as long as it is not their final life.

The game tells the player to complete all six levels (for all the Turaga) "to unlock the full game". When he/she does so, a new selection is added to the CD's main menu, leading there. The Turaga's levels are still playable by clicking a Turaga in the main menu.

In the full game's menu, the six masks of the Toa are shown along with a five-record leaderboard. The default names in the leaderboard are MOF (100 masks collected), THS (50), CLA (25), KAA (10), BON (5).

The Toa's Kanohi lead to the game. The player will take control of the Toa whose mask he/she chose, and the location will be the Toa's corresponding Wahi. The gameplay is the same as in the Turaga's levels. Each Toa starts in one of the six levels available in the full game, and once a level is completed, he/she moves to the next. There are six levels, and once the last is completed, they will start cycling through all again. The order in which the levels are cycled is Tahu's starting level, Kopaka's, Onua's, Pohatu's, Lewa's and Gali's (and then all again). The numbers of the Toa's masks and the infected masks vary between levels.


  • Space Bar or Up - Jump.
  • Left/Right - Move forward/backwards.

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