Axe (Lewa)

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"In one hand he carried an axlike blade, perfect for slicing through thick underbrush or twining foliage."
— Narrator, Tale of the Toa

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Manufacturer Artakha
Users Lewa
Function Channeling his Air powers
Slicing through plant life
Melee combat
Status Transformed

The Axe was Toa Mata Lewa's Toa Tool. It was mainly used for cutting through plant life, such as vines and trees, as well as for defending himself from Rahi. Lewa used it to focus his Elemental Power of Air. It was also able to function as a a melee weapon.

Toa Kaita Wairuha held the Axe along with Kopaka's Ice Sword (the two were used together in Wairuha's right hand).

When Lewa was transformed into a Toa Nuva by Energized Protodermis, the Axe was transformed into a pair of Air Katana.

Example Usage

The Axe in set form

Lewa used the Axe to channel his Air powers, burying a Nui-Jaga beneath fallen trees in Deep into Darkness.

Set Information

The Axe was included with the Toa Mata Lewa set of 2001.

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