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Video Game
Platform Nintendo DS (see more)
Controls Touchscreen/Buttons

BIONICLE Heroes is a video game released by the LEGO Company, Travellers Tales, and Eidos in 2006, featuring the Toa Inika, Piraka, and others. The game was released on various systems available on various gaming systems. This article focuses on the DS version, which differs from the console version.


The Toa Inika

The game opens with the Toa Inika standing together in defense of Voya Nui. They are attacked by the Piraka, who overpower them and steal their masks, before marching them off to a prison. Deep underground, a silver Matoran sees a pool of Energized Protodermis. Although reluctant at first, he jumps into the pool, and instead of being destroyed, emerges transformed into a mysterious silver Toa. This Toa explores the island, finding masks to augment his powers and defeating the Piraka in order to retrieve the masks of the Toa Inika. After the defeat of all six Piraka, Makuta Teridax tears apart dimensional space, reducing Voya Nui to rubble and stranding the silver Toa. However, the hero makes his way across the remains of Voya Nui, confronting Teridax, who resurrects the Piraka to combat him. The silver Toa defeats the Piraka and finds the imprisoned Toa Inika, returning to them their masks as Teridax is swept away by his own powers. With Teridax defeated and the Piraka safely imprisoned, the silver Toa is welcomed into the ranks of the Toa Inika as Voya Nui is returned to peace.

The Main Screen


LEGO Technic pieces are used to buy extras. They come in three varieties - silver, worth ten; red, worth one hundred; and gold, worth one thousand. Gold pieces do not reappear on levels, and are treated as secrets (except in Makuta's Domain, where the pieces reappear but are not counted as secrets).


Each character is unlocked by collecting the corresponding mask. The characters are as follows:

  • Silver Toa: The starting Toa, he is armed with the Zamor Sphere Launcher. Although firing it does not drain the ammo meter, its rapid-fire shots are extremely weak. The damage dealt by it doubles once Matoro has been upgraded to level three. The user can press L or R at certain locations to perform constractions, and once the player owns all six Inika masks, they can use the R button to switch to the Toa's constracting hand and then the L button to "destract" (take apart) non-boss enemies.
  • Toa Kongu: The Air Toa fights with an electric rifle. It drains a sixth of the ammo meter with each shot, and fires a short range electric beam which can be extremely damaging, but hinges on the player's accuracy. At level two, shots blossom out into a wider electrical explosion on contact, but must still strike an enemy to achieve this effect. At level three, provided the initial shot makes contact, lightning can arc off to other enemies, the damage done determined by the enemies hit (the more enemies, the less damage per enemy), and the player can hold the R button to glide, resulting in a far slower descent from jumps, and therefore a longer jump distance.
  • Toa Nuparu: The Toa of Earth carries a short-range weapon that drains a sixth of the ammo meter with each shot, and fires a wide spray of energy in the style of a shotgun. The damage done is determined by proximity, and the closer the player is, the higher their chances of achieving one-hit kills. The spread and range of the weapon increase with each level up, and at level three the player gains increased resistance to attacks and can destroy certain walls with the L or R button.
  • Toa Jaller: The leader of the Toa Inika's Fire weapon drains the ammo meter quite slowly, but shoots rapid-fire blasts that deliver low damage. The blasts increase in power as the player levels up, and at level three players unlock the "fire ring attack", a single, very powerful shot fired with the R button, and can also walk on and in lava. When the ammo meter is empty, instead of ceasing to fire, Jaller simply fires at a much slower rate.
  • Toa Matoro: The Toa of Ice uses an ice-based sniper rifle in battle. It drains a quarter of the ammo meter with each shot, and fires a very fast moving, single bolt of ice whose power is determined by proximity - the further away an enemy is, the higher the chance of a one-hit kill. If an enemy is not killed, there is a chance they will be frozen - 6% initially, 12% at level two, and 25% at level three. Frozen enemies can only be damaged by Matoro. In addition, at level three players can press the R button to enter sniper mode, which sacrifices the freezing effect entirely but increases range and accuracy. Upgrading Matoro to level three also doubles the damage dealt by the Silver Toa's Zamor Sphere Launcher.
  • Toa Hewkii: The Toa of Stone wields a missile launcher which drains a quarter of the ammo meter with each shot, and fires a slow moving missile which can lock onto enemies. At level two, it fires two missiles, and at level three it fires a spread of three missiles; additional missiles can lock on to separate targets. At level three the player can also destroy certain walls with the L or R button and Hewkii is completely invulnerable to splash damage from Nuparu/Reidak's weapon; he must be hit directly for his armor meter to be reduced.
  • Toa Hahli: The Water Toa's weapon fires beams of water. It drains the ammo meter very slowly, and fires a continuous beam of water which does almost no damage per individual hit. Once the ammo meter is drained, like Jaller, her weapon does not stop firing but instead of firing a continuous beam spurts on and off like a broken water outlet. Her level determines the startup time the weapon requires, and at level three, players can submerge in water without taking damage, and can press R to scan for secrets, which appear on the radar as large or small blue dots, depending on how far away they are, and only remain there for a set amount of time before the player must scan again.


Makuta Teridax

Enemies come in many different varieties, with strength indicated by color. As the player progresses through the game and collects more masks, common enemies change color and become more powerful, while rare enemies start appearing more frequently. This gradual change affects all levels, including those previously completed.

  • Bohrok - The weakest opponents, they roll into battle before unfolding and attacking with energy blasts. Their fire rate is determined by their type, with Gahlok being the least powerful, then Kohrak, then Pahrak, then Tahnok.
  • Visorak - More powerful than Bohrok, they come down on webs or burst from the ground. Their firepower is determined by their breed, with Keelerak being the weakest, followed by Roporak, and Oohnorak being the strongest.
  • Nui-Rama - These weak enemies fly above the player, shooting energy blasts from their tails. The green variety have weak attacks, whilst orange have strong.
  • Rahkshi - Rare to begin with, they become more frequent towards the game's end, appearing in beams of light. In terms of fire rate, Turahk are the weakest, followed by Guurahk, with Lerahk being the strongest.
  • Vahki - Rarer and more powerful than Rahkshi, they burst from the ground and have firepower based on type: Nuurakh is the weakest, then Keerakh, then Bordakh, and Rorzakh being the strongest.
  • Nui-Jaga - Rarer and more powerful than most enemies, they appear in beams of light. The purple variety are more resistant than the blue.
  • Kane-Ra - Rare enemies, they appear in beams of light before charging the player.
  • Muaka - More powerful versions of Kane-Ra. They appear and attack in exactly the same manner.
  • Giant Tahnok - This foe appears twice in Makuta's Domain. It never rolls up, instead charging forward and firing energy blasts. It appears in a flash of light.
  • Frost Beetles - These are the most powerful standard enemies, capable of wiping out the player's armor meter in one or two hits whilst they can sustain large amounts of damage before perishing. They have white shells, and appear in beams of light, usually guarding the exits to levels.


  • Zaktan - He moves around the Sky Temple whilst attacking with his Three-Bladed Scissor and using the jump pads. When his health is reduced by a quarter, he turns into a swarm of Protodites and flies around the chamber for a short period, during which he is invulnerable. His Three-Blade Scissor shares the properties of Kongu's weapon, firing an electric beam.
  • Reidak - Reidak moves around the Engine Room whilst attacking with his Buzz Saw. He occasionally taunts the player with his weapons, and is the only Piraka that lacks a special attack. His Buzz Saw shares the properties of Nuparu's weapon, firing a blast that does more damage the closer Reidak is to the player.
  • Hakann - The fire Piraka shoots at the foe using his Lava Launcher, and every time he loses a quarter of his health he dives into the lava of the furnace, making it rise and driving the player upwards onto increasingly smaller platforms. His Lava Launcher shares the properties of Jaller's weapon, rapidly firing fireballs.
  • Thok - Thok leaps between the pillars surrounding his Arctic Outpost whilst shooting his foe with his Ice Gun. Every time his health is reduced by a quarter he leaps onto the central platform so he can get up close and freeze his foe. His Ice Gun shares the properties of Matoro's weapon, dealing more damage the further the distance from the player.
  • Avak - Avak sits on his throne, admiring his weapons, until the fight begins. Once attacked, he uses his Seismic Pickaxe to defend himself, and every time his health is reduced by a quarter he leaps up out of sight, summoning other enemies and activating his Nektann turrets. His weapon fires three missiles like Hewkii's weapon, though they do not lock onto targets like Hewkii's weapon.
  • Vezok - Vezok attacks with his Water Harpoon, and every time he loses a quarter of his health, retreats into one of the waterfalls of the Aquatic Abyss, summoning other enemies to attack the player. His weapon shares the properties of Hahli's weapon, firing a beam of water.
  • Makuta - Makuta lurks in the background, resurrecting the Piraka two at a time to fight the player (first Vezok and Thok, then Avak and Zaktan, and finally Reidak and Hakann). They each appear on their respective elemental platforms, and drop a large amount of Technic pieces when they die. They never use their respective special abilities, and never summon minions to fight.


Sky Temple

  • Snake's Gate - The entrance to Zaktan's Sky Fortress is located here. The level is relatively simple and is provided as a sort of tutorial. The Miru is located here, rewarding the player with Kongu.
  • The Coliseum - The path to the Sky Fortress leads through an abandoned coliseum, leading the player into a fight with numerous enemies, with stone pillars rising from the floor in reference to the Coliseum on Metru Nui.
  • Ancient Reservoir - Beyond the coliseum, there is a secret back entrance to the Sky Fortress, past a large reservoir of water, where the Mahiki is found, upgrading Kongu's weapon.
  • Tower of Ascent - Inside the fortress itself, the player must make their way to the top of the tower, first through a series of ramps and platforms, and then through a long lift ride to the top of the fortress.
  • Sky Fortress - Inside the observatory-like temple at the top of the tower, players must confront Zaktan. His defeat rewards the player with the Suletu, again upgrading Kongu's weapon and granting access to his special ability.

Buried Machine

  • Hall of Gears - This underground labyrinth contains many enemies in addition to the Pakari which is located there, granting the player control of Nuparu.
  • Metal Station - The players make their way further into Reidak's domain while battling enemies.
  • Familiar Territory - This level is played on the ceilings of, and is otherwise a reverse trip through Metal Station, hence its name. The Ruru is located here, upgrading Nuparu.
  • Tracer's Vault - This level is played on the ceilings of, and is otherwise a reverse trip through the Hall of Gears. The entrance to the Engine Room is in fact located on the ceiling of the zone's very first room.
  • Engine Room - Reidak's lair in the very center of the Buried Machine. Defeating him rewards the player with the Kadin, again upgrading Nuparu's weapon and giving access to his special ability.

Volcanic Core

  • Into Inferno - This level takes place in the tunnels of Mount Valmai. The entrance to the lava reservoirs is here, along with the Hau, which grants players control of Jaller.
  • Lake of Fire - Players must make their way across the lava reservoirs before entering the scrapyard which hides the magma mines.
  • Magma Mines - The heart of Hakann's territory, these large, open mines contain many enemies as well as machines designed to harvest the lava. The Huna, which upgrades Jaller, can also be found here.
  • Cooling Vats: Around Hakann's furnace are a series of vats of water, designed to cool down the lava for processing. Also within these vats is an entrance to Hakann's lair itself.
  • Bully's Furnace: The central area in Hakann's zone. Hakann lurks here, fighting the player whilst raising and lowering the lava level. His defeat rewards players with the Calix, which again upgrades Jaller's weapon, and grants access to his special ability.

Glacial Peak

  • Below Zero - This level is set in the ice caverns that honeycomb the Ring of Ice. The Akaku is located here, allowing players to control Matoro.
  • Winter Passage - The access to Thok's Arctic Outpost is heavily guarded, with the tunnels that lead to it converted into a fortress-like arrangement, which players must fight through.
  • Ice Caverns - These deep, underground caverns receive light through the massive rift that leads down to them. The Matatu is located on one of the bridges that span this chasm, upgrading Matoro's weapon.
  • Frozen River - The final approach towards the Arctic Outpost is located in the crevasse around a frozen stretch of water, packed with enemies waiting to ambush the player.
  • Arctic Outpost - Constructed on pillars high above a huge, fast-flowing river, the outpost is Thok's haunt, and where players must battle with him. His defeat rewards them with the Iden, which upgrades Matoro's weapon again and grants him access to his special ability.

Stone Stronghold

  • Castle Gate - This level begins in the canyons around Avak's castle, and players must cross the moat before fighting their way through the passages that weave around the entrance hall. Along their way, players will find the Kakama, which grants control of Hewkii.
  • Collapsed Court - Players must make their way further into the fortress, through the ruined court and the tunnels that surround it.
  • Stolen Keep - Within the depths of the castle keep, players must find the entrance to Avak's throne room whilst searching for the Komau, which grants Hewkii a weapons upgrade.
  • Twisting Halls - The floor has fallen out in areas of the final approach to the throne room, meaning players must navigate a twisting series of catwalks and pillars.
  • Trigger's Throne - Unlike other Piraka battles, where the fight begins immediately, Avak sits on his throne, admiring his weapons, until he is hit, allowing the player to collect as many Technic pieces as possible beforehand. Once Avak has been engaged, and defeated, along with his minions that flood into the chamber, the player finds the Sanok, which maxes out Hewkii's weapon and grants him access to his special ability.

Voya Nui Bay

  • Tidal Caves - These caves are heavily populated with Nui-Rama, and on one of the high peaks above a waterfall, the Kaukau can be found, giving the player control of Hahli.
  • Twin Waterfalls - The player must explore the caves before crossing the iron bridge over the pool created by the waterfalls in order to move on.
  • Flooded Foyer - The first level to take place in the ruins Vezok inhabits. The Rau is located here, which upgrades Hahli's weapon.
  • Archaic Fountain - The path to Vezok's Aquatic Abyss is filled with Rahkshi, Vahki, and Nui-Jaga. Players must cross a wide entrance hall to gain access to the abyss.
  • Aquatic Abyss - Vezok lurks in this small chamber, attacking the player before hiding in one of the waterfalls and letting his minions fight. His defeat rewards the player with the Elda, which upgrades Hahli's weapon again.

Makuta's Domain

  • Ravaged Ruins - Makuta has torn Voya Nui apart and the player must cross the ruins of the Sky Fortress, floating in space. They fight in a miniature version of the Coliseum before taking a jump pad to the next area.
  • Lost Lagoon - Part of the ruins of the Aquatic Abyss have filled with water. The player must cross them as Hahli before taking out a large group of enemies including a giant Tahnok.
  • Fountain of Flame - The remains of the magma mines are floating in space, barring the way to the imprisoned Toa Inika. The player must use Jaller to cross the lava flows.
  • Ice Gap - The player must cross the ruins of the Arctic Outpost. Only Matoro's weapon possesses the range and accuracy to take out the most distant foes.
  • Unearthed Rust - The player must navigate parts of the Buried Machine before coming face to face with another giant Tahnok.
  • Forgotten Keep - The final barrier between the player and Makuta is the remains of Avak's Castle. The player must use Hewkii to blast their way through.
  • Final Showdown - Makuta lurks in the background, resurrecting the Piraka to combat the player. Once all six Piraka are defeated (again), the Silver Toa finds the Toa Inika, and Makuta is defeated and the game ends as Voya Nui is returned to normal.


Extras are unlocked by collecting runes scattered throughout levels. Once the appropriate runes for an extra are available, players can spend the respective amount to unlock that extra.

  • Unlimited Ammo - Gives the player's weapon unlimited power. Requires the runes to spell "Avak".
  • Invincibility - The player is not harmed by enemies or the environment, except for falling. Requires the runes to spell "Hakann".
  • One Hit Defeat - Gives the player the ability to defeat enemies, excluding Piraka, in one hit. Requires the runes to spell "Reidak".
  • Disco Craze - The sky, fog, and enemies flash in bright colors. Requires the runes to spell "Thok".
  • Crazy Colors - The enemies change colors. Requires the runes to spell "Vezok".
  • Silhouettes - The zones, enemies, and the player's Toa turn the same color as the zone's element. When using this cheat, Makuta's Domain also becomes various colors. Requires the runes to spell "Zaktan".
  • Makuta Mode - Makes enemies stronger, and recolors them as black silhouettes. The amount of levels completed in this mode is recorded in the statistics list. Also, when defeated, the player has to restart the level rather than simply respawning. Requires the runes to spell "Voya Nui".
  • Human Voice - Gives the players' weapons humanistic voices when fired. Requires the runes to spell "Makuta".
  • Animal Farm - The Silver Toa's Zamor Launcher fires farm animals. Requires the runes to spell "Piraka".
  • Piraka Party - When an enemy is defeated, a balloon flies from where they stood. The player can shoot these balloons to pop them, sending confetti flying. The amount of balloons popped is recorded in the statistics list. Requires the runes to spell "Inika".
  • Big Head - Enlarges some enemies' heads, making them easier to hit. Requires the runes to spell "Irnakk".
  • Tiny Enemies - Shrinks most enemies, making them difficult to strike. Requires the runes to spell "Mata Nui".


At the end of each level, players receive a ranking based on how many Technic pieces they collected, how many enemies they killed, and how many secrets they found, and see a picture of that region's Toa. The rankings are:

Differences between DS and console versions

The DS version of BIONICLE Heroes differs to the console version in several ways. The view, which is first-person, is on the top screen, whilst players control their view using the touch screen, and fire with the R button. The bottom screen displays a radar with nearby enemies marked as large red dots, and distant enemies marked as small red dots.

Players collect masks every other level and retain them for the entire game. Toa Mata masks unlock the Toa Inika of their element and Toa Metru masks upgrade that Toa to level two, improving their weapon. Toa Inika masks, guarded by the Piraka, upgrade that Toa to level three, improving their weapon and unlocking their special ability. In addition to Toa unlocked, the player controls a mysterious silver Toa, who fights with a Zamor Sphere Launcher.

Players have an armor meter, which empties from damage, but fills up out of combat, and can be permanently increased by collecting "armor runes". It acts like health, and they perish instantly, regardless of the number of masks in their possession, when it is empty. When a player falls they lose some of the LEGO pieces they have acquired, but can respawn nearby with a press of the L button, unless the Makuta Mode extra is activated, in which case they are sent back to the beginning of the level. They also have an ammo meter, which empties as shots are fired, and prevents firing once completely empty. It restores outside of combat.

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