Earthshock Drills

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Earthshock Drills
Users Toa Metru Whenua
Function Channeling his Earth powers
Melee combat
Status Transformed

An Earthshock Drill in Legends of Metru Nui

Earthshock Drills were Toa Whenua's Toa Tools, which were used to channel his Earth powers, as well as for digging underground, and they could also be used as melee weapons. When in use, they created an incredibly loud noise.

They were transformed into the Thumpers when he became a Toa Hordika, but were changed back after being turned back into a Toa Metru. They were then transformed into the Drill of Onua when Whenua became a Turaga.[1][2][3]

Example Usage

Whenua used his Earthshock Drills to create a loud sonic hum to get an angry mutant Ussal Crab to drop him and Nuju in Trial by Fire.

Set Information

The Earthshock Drills were released in set form in 2004 in the Toa Whenua set. An angled connector allowed him to join the two together into one drill.


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