Laser Axe

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Laser Axe
Comic Laser Axe.png
Users Hewkii
Function Channels his Stone powers
Melee combat
Slicing through rocks
Status Transformed

The Laser Axe in set form

The Laser Axe was one of Toa Inika Hewkii's Toa Tools. Hewkii's other tool, the Climbing Chain, was attached to its base. The Laser Axe had the ability to channel Hewkii's Stone power (interlaced with Lightning), and could vibrate at fast speeds to cleave rocks in two. It was later transformed into the Aqua Warblade by the Ignika's power when Hewkii was transformed into a Toa Mahri.

Example Usage

Hewkii used his Laser Axe to make the ground beneath Brutaka crumble in Power Play.

Set Information

The Laser Axe made its first appearance in the Toa Inika Hewkii set of 2006. By pressing a black button on the side of the Laser Axe's base, a red strobe light which ran along its length could be activated for a short time. A clip on the base also allowed one to attach Hewkii's Climbing Chain.

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