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Video Game
Platform Mobile phone (See more)
Controls Buttons
Release Date 2006

BIONICLE Heroes is a video game released by the LEGO Company, Travellers Tales and Eidos in 2006, featuring the Toa Inika. The game was released on the various gaming systems available. This article focuses on the mobile phone version, which differs from the console version.

Differences between Mobile version and Console versions


The game has a similar objective to the PS2, Xbox, Wii and PC version, but instead of normal enemies such as Visorak, the player needs to defeat Nui-Rama, Ussal-like and centipede-like Rahi instead. At the start of the game, the player is placed at the middle of Voya Nui, where a number of teleportation pads are located. The pads can be enabled by a certain amounts of points and it takes the player to a different area each time. The player needs to move blocks in order to collect crystals that give points and unlock new locations. On the final, 26th level the player faces the long version of the centipede Rahi, which is appearing to be the Biomechanical Super Lizard, created by Makuta from the energy of defeated Piraka.


The game has its own original plot:

"Makuta, the arch enemy of the heroic Toa, has captured 4 noble Toa Inika and infected the very fabric of the Bionicle World. In a last-ditch move, the villagers of the island of Voya Nui draw upon secret knowledge to summon life from a sacred pool of Protodermis - the primal essence of the BIONICLE Universe. From the Protodermis energy, a new creature is brought to life. Without form of its own, the creature is able to take on the shape and abilities of other characters. This, the island’s final hope for deliverance, is you, and this chameleon capability is your unique power. As you pick up an ancient statue showing the legendary hero Hahli, Toa of water, your body starts changing and you gain the powers and shape of Hahli! And so the quest begins: to engage the forces of Makuta, to free the captured Toa Inika and restore balance to the land once more…"


In the game, the player controls a shapeshifting character with the ability of transforming into other Toa. The initial playable Toa is Hahli, but as the game progresses, the masks of Jaller, Hewkii, and Matoro can be gained, thus permitting the player to transform into them.

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