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Search for the Seventh ToaOoMN/BoM War
Comic Vezon and Kardas Frozen.png
Toa Inika Matoro retrieves the Ignika from Vezon
Witnesses Matoran of Voya Nui, Karzahni, and Mahri Nui; Piraka; Toa Nuva; Toa Inika/Toa Mahri; Barraki; Order of Mata Nui; Brotherhood of Makuta
Time A few months ago
Actions Toa go on a quest to save Mata Nui, resulting in Matoro dying using the Ignika to save Mata Nui
Significance Major

The Quest for the Mask of Life was a massive effort undertaken by many groups on Aqua Magna to retrieve the fabled Kanohi Ignika. Some groups wished to use it to further their own ambition, while the Toa of the Matoran Universe wished to secure the Ignika to save the Great Spirit Mata Nui's life before he perished.



Six Dark Hunters, the Piraka, heard rumors from Hakann that Teridax had been killed by a Toa of Light. Defecting, the Piraka went to Mangaia, and found the ruins of Teridax's armor crushed by the door from Mata Nui to Metru Nui. After reaching Mangaia, the Piraka explored Teridax's lair until Hakann found the Spear of Fusion and used it on Vezok, splitting him into Vezok and a new being, Vezon. At that moment, Teridax's floating Antidermis decided to use the Piraka as part of his plan. Teridax needed Mata Nui to die so his essence could enter the Core Processor and take over the Great Spirit Robot, and then be revived for Teridax to assume control of the universe until the Toa Nuva reawakened Mata Nui. The Piraka all were given information about Voya Nui and the Ignika hidden on the island, and left in the Toa Mata's Toa Canisters. As Teridax followed the Piraka to Voya Nui, Vezon took an Order of Mata Nui member's Canister and was directed by the Ignika to the 777 Stairs when he reached Voya Nui. The mask selected Vezon as its guardian and fused itself to its head and Vezon to an enlarged Fenrakk. With the universe in peril, the Ignika initiated its doomsday countdown.

In Metru Nui, after looking at the stars above the city, Turaga Dume and Nuju determined Mata Nui was in danger of dying. Calling together the Toa Nuva, the Turaga led them to a spot where Dume had set up Toa Canisters to be launched. Informing them of their mission and the island of Voya Nui floating on Aqua Magna's surface, the Toa Nuva were sent to recover and use the mask to save Mata Nui, or the Matoran Universe would be rendered uninhabitable.

Voya Nui

Reidak emerging from a Toa Canister on Voya Nui

The normal six Piraka arrived on Voya Nui, and told the Matoran on the island that they were Toa. The Matoran, having lived on their own since Voya Nui's separation from the Southern Continent a thousand years ago and the death of Turaga Jovan, welcomed leadership. Soon the Piraka began using their status as Toa to their own gain, having Matoran drain the Lake of Fire to find the Ignika, and build the Piraka Stronghold for them. Zaktan gathered Teridax's Antidermis in a vat to be used in Zamor Spheres to enslave the Matoran. After testing the Zamor Spheres on Dezalk, the Matoran Cliff Village was raided and all Matoran but the Voya Nui Resistance Team were enslaved. Shortly afterwards, the Toa Nuva arrived on the island and fought the Skakdi Piraka. In an intense fight, the Toa Nuva were defeated by the Piraka and stripped of their Toa Tools and Kanohi Nuva.

On Metru Nui, Nokama told Jaller the truth about the Toa Nuva's disappearance, and Jaller gathered Hahli, Kongu, Hewkii, Nuparu, Matoro, and the Toa of Light Takanuva to head to Voya Nui and save the Toa Nuva. They travelled into Karzahni, and walk through a light absorbing tunnel. The Ignika at the moment, growing tired of Vezon, reached out to Matoro and created an illusion of a fallen Matoran. Matoro helped him out of the tunnel until discovering the 'Matoran' he felt did not exist, being the last out of the tunnel. Eventually the Matoran reached an archway blocking Takanuva from passing, and went alone into Karzahni. After being captured by Karzahni himself, the Matoran met the Builder of the Toa Canisters who led them to Toa Canisters they could use to reach Voya Nui. Giving Karzahni a vision of the world if he stopped them from leaving, the Matoran got in the Toa Canisters and departed.

The Toa Inika

As the Toa Canisters arrive, lightning from the Red Star strikes the Matoran, transforming them into the Toa Inika. The new Toa discover their organic Kanohi, glowing faces, and Lightning-intertwined elemental powers. After Matoro uses his Iden, he sees the Voya Nui Resistance Team who had largely managed to escape after the Piraka's ally Brutaka, defeated them and the Toa Nuva in a rematch. They instead find Vezok, and use their powers to temporarily defeat and capture him. The Inika tell the Matoran of their quest, and are given Zamor Launchers from Velika filled with Energized Protodermis to destroy Teridax's Antidermis. After freeing the Matoran, the Inika went to try and free the Toa Nuva from the Piraka Stronghold. In a massive battle, the Inika had the upper hand until Hakann fired an energy-sapping Zamor at Brutaka, giving him and Thok Brutaka's powers. After knocking the Inika unconscious, the two gleaned the location of the 777 Stairs from Brutaka and left. The Inika and Piraka formed an alliance and crafted a sphere to reverse Hakann's sphere's effects. Axonn then gave the Inika a special Zamor to use in times of dire need. Finding the rogue Piraka in The Green Belt, Hewkii managed to use his Sanok to deny Hakann and Thok their power, but resulted in all the forces being knocked out. Zaktan recovered the Piraka first, and they went down the 777 Stairs, the Inika on their heels.

The Piraka go down one fork in the Stairs, and encounter the a manifestation of Irnakk in the Zone of Nightmares, a creature from Skakdi legend, but Zaktan defeats him. They then are trapped in cylinders filled with mutagenic water and fire, but escape and reach the Lava Chamber Gate and set up defenses to wait for the Inika. The Inika had seen nightmares of Rahi and Bohrok that morphed into the Toa Nuva after they killed them, and a vision of Lhikan. Reaching the Chamber of Death, Matoro was briefly killed, proving the Inika willing to sacrifice for Mata Nui. Finally they faced Protodax and Umbra but defeated them both before reaching the Lava Chamber Gate. There Kongu accidentally collapsed the bridge on the Inika, and the Piraka entered the Chamber of Life and were shocked to find Vezon. Vezon transformed Vezok and Reidak into the Piraka Fusion, defeating the Skakdi. The Inika arrived and fought Vezon, and managed to defeat him, knocking him into lava. However, Vezon arose now on the Kardas Dragon and defeated the Inika. Kongu transferred the Ignika's thoughts into Vezon that it hated the half-Skakdi, distracting him while Jaller fired Axonn's Zamor, freezing Vezon in time. Matoro recovered the Ignika, but Kardas unfroze and fired at Matoro. The Inika and revived Piraka ran up the 777 Stairs, but the Ignika dove into the Aqua Magna ocean.

Mahri Nui

The Ignika on the seafloor

The Ignika was discovered on the seabed by Kyrehx, a Ga-Matoran from Mahri Nui, a city sunk beneath the ocean. Retrieving it, it cursed her by making plants wrap around her, so she passed it off to Dekar. However a Sea Squid of Kalmah's had seen the incident, and Kalmah called a meeting between his fellow Barraki. Telling them that the legendary Mask of Life was in their realm, the Barraki vowed to get it to reverse their mutations and reform the League of Six Kingdoms. Ehlek sends Venom Eels to attack Mahri Nui, while Takadox has Carapar capture Kyrehx to try and find the mask. Pridak captures Defilak, Sarda, and Idris to try and get them to reveal the Ignika's location. Throughout this, Dekar realizes he is cursed to be unable to kill, and resolves to destroy the Ignika for good. Kalmah and Mantax chase Dekar while Carapar forces Ehlek to stop attacking Mahri Nui. The Ignika enlarges a Venom Eel, creating a three-hundred foot monstrosity that headed straight for Mahri Nui. All the Barraki including Brutaka corner Dekar and try and force him to give up the mask, but Kalmah has his Giant Squid drag Brutaka away. Pridak takes the Ignika from Dekar and it shoots out a blindingly powerful light.

Hydraxon firing on the Ignika

At The Cord the Inika had arrived in Mahri Nui in search of the Ignika, and were hit by the light, mutating into the Toa Mahri. Using their new Kanohi, the massive Venom Eel is defeated. Meanwhile, Dekar is transformed into Dekar-Hydraxon, an exact replica of Hydraxon, even thinking he is the pit jailer who was on the Red Star. The new Toa Mahri go to Mahri Nui, and convince the Matoran they are allies, and Deflilak sends them to rid the Fields of Air of Carapar's legions. Meeting the Barraki, the Mahri pretend they are Pit prisoners and are captured. Matoro flees from the city after the Matoran think the Mahri were prisoners, and is captured by the new Hydraxon and his Maxilos. Maxilos jails Matoro and reveals himself to be Teridax, possessing the robot. Saying he wishes the Mahri to succeed, Teridax frees Matoro. The rest of the Toa Mahri escape, and go their different ways. Hewkii and Nuparu escape a Venom Eel nest with new Cordak Blasters, and help Matoro and Teridax (who had revealed himself solely to Matoro) who were fighting Pridak by turning Ehlek's forces on Pridak's. Jaller and Hewkii bargain with Kalmah and Carapar that they will get the mask then kill Pridak and use it on the Barraki first. Regrouping at Mahri Nui, Hahli is the only one missing. Meanwhile Hydraxon defeats Nocturn and finds the Ignika that Pridak gave to Nocturn for safe-keeping and aims to destroy it.

Matoro and Teridax go after Hahli, and find the corpse of a Tuyet, which Teridax believes to have fragments of the Nui Stone. Matoro reanimates Tuyet with his Tryna and Icarax arrives with the Staff of Artakha from Xia for Teridax to reform the Nui Stone. Hahli is found having struct a bargain with Mantax to help retrieve the Ignika Things do not go according to Teridax's plan as Karzahni first attacks, destroying Tuyet's body. Though Karzahni is driven mad and his Manas defeated, Brutaka arrives and also attacks, taking the Staff of Artakha for the Order of Mata Nui. Teridax rushes to where Hahli and Mantax had stopped Hydraxon from destroying the Ignika, but Mantax takes it. Matoro tells the Toa Mahri when the regroup that the Cord must be shattered to return Voya Nui to it's natural location. As the Matoran are escorted to Voya Nui's caves, the snake-like Piraka attack but are defeated by Axonn who gives the Toa the Toa Terrain Crawler.

Matoro is converted into life energy

Rejuvenated, the Mahri arrive in the Black Water to find the Barraki, take the mask, and save Mata Nui before he dies. Mantax has called a meeting, revealing that when the Barraki were defeated, one of their number betrayed them to the Brotherhood of Makuta and Teridax. Teridax at the time revealed himself to Hydraxon and they fought, Hydraxon gaining the upper hand until a massive avalanche started, hitting the Barraki's location. Takadox reveals himself as the traitor and tries to take the mask until Teridax reveals his true identity to the Barraki. The Mahri arrived on the scene and made a run for the mask, Matoro freezing Teridax. However, the prison was melted by Jaller as he fought Hydraxon, gaining the mask. As the Mahri finally tried to destroy the Cord, an enlarged Gadunka, an ancient creature Kongu summoned accidentally with his Zatth and the 300-foot Venom Eel attacked. They were all defeated, and the Cord was destroyed. The Mahri began to swim after Voya Nui, Matoro taking the lead with the Ignika until suddenly Mata Nui perished.

The mask dimmed, Matoro decided to swim after Voya Nui anyway while the Mahri fought the Barraki. Managing to swim after Voya Nui, Matoro entered the Giant Waterfall and overcome by sheer determination outswam the island, and reached Karda Nui as Voya Nui rejoined with the Southern Continent. The Ignika instructed Matoro to put it on, and he did, in his final moments teleporting the Mahri to Metru Nui. Matoro's life force merged with the Ignika and radiated out, bringing Mata Nui back to life. The Toa Mahri's destiny had been fulfilled and Mata Nui was saved.


After Mata Nui died, Teridax went to the Core Processor and put his form into the machinery of the Great Spirit Robot. When Mata Nui was awakened by the Toa Nuva days later, Teridax became master of the universe. Though Mata Nui's life was saved, it did seem temporarily that Matoro's sacrifice after being honored in Metru Nui was needed only for Teridax to take control of the Matoran Universe. However, without Matoro's sacrifice The Kingdom Alternate Universe would have resulted, with the entire population living on a deteriorating Mata Nui on Aqua Magna's surface. The blast of light emitted from the Ignika blinded Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah who were participating in the Siege of Karda Nui, forcing them to fly with Shadow Matoran to counteract that.