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"The Toa of Stone shrugged and casually tossed the rock aside. Only Matoro noticed it hit another rock, ricochet, hit a second, and so on. [...] The boulder ricocheted one last time and slammed into Vezok's back."
— Narrator, Power Play

Hewkii's Organic Great Sanok
Title Mask of Accuracy
Powers Increased accuracy
Component disks Unknown
Bearers Hewkii (formerly)
Pronunciation sah-NOCK

The Kanohi Sanok is the Mask of Accuracy. It allows its user to turn virtually any inanimate object into a projectile weapon and hit almost any target they aim for. A Kanohi Sanok is always on at a low level.

Example Usage

Hewkii fires a Zamor, aiming with his mask power.

Hewkii used his Kanohi Sanok in A Cold Light Dawns, when he shot a Zamor at a super-powered Thok and Hakann and hit them in the one spot their armor touched.



  • Hewkii - Formerly; changed into an organic Great version when he became a Toa Inika

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