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It's been so long. Shaking off cobwebs, getting ready for the future
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"LN you are awesome sometimes"
Lord Oblivion

Hello, BS01. I'm back. For... BIONICLE GENERATION TWO! (On HS01 too)

Lord Nektann
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Character(s) Nektann, Jaller, Fire people
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Favorite BIONICLE Year 2007
Favorite BIONICLE Book Downfall
Least Favorite BIONICLE Year 2001 *dodges rotten tomatos*
Least Favorite BIONICLE Book TLR Novelization
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In 2003 for by birthday by LEGO obsessed friend (he owns like all the Mata or something) got be Panrahk for my birthday. I wasn't thrilled an didn't really like Bionicle or Lego. Around December my parents finally convinced me to open it and I built the Rahkshi. I loved the set and quickly bought Makuta and Takanuva. Today Panrahk is one of the few ancient sets still built. Alas, the Kraata was chewed into a blob by my cousins dog and the promo comic is lost to time.

Through 2004 I picked up four Vahki, three Metru, a Matoran, and the three titans (which have made Ultimate Dume briefly twice. (Vahki had Disks of Time and Vahi). That year I picked up a BIONICLE Chronicles box set with a Lhikan mask. In 2005, I didn't think the sets were that good, but on a trip to England I got the Hagah, Visorak, and Roodaka ahead of the US in March. I got the huge Snowspeeder, and a life Lego Club subscription. Earliest comic I remember is Fractures. (Comics up till Battle in the Deep! lost). I picked up the movies (though WoS was never watched, I think I've never seen it fully despite having it).

2006 was the year where I really got into BIONICLE with the reboot-ish story. I got Power Play, my first book in a long time, and soon hunted down Island of Doom and Dark Destiny as well as finding the Adventures Box Set with Takua's mask and other random Adventures books. I got every set here but Reidak, Kardas, and Umbra. I re-discovered and became involved in the story. In 2007 I picked up every set but the European promos and began to value my comics more. In 2008 is full blown in it with games, serials, blogs, BS01, sets, and books.

2009 continued this trend, and now with all non-promo 2007-2010 sets I don't have near enough money to concentrate on Hero Factory. However, I saw my one of my freinds had been a huge BIONICLE fan as he even had a Toa Nuva poster in their Comic 8 pose. His collection of sets range from Gali Mata to Brutaka including a lot in between, and gave it to me. That was awesome. At around New Year's Eve this year I joined BS01, finally with permission from internet wary parents. Now, in 2010 I think its sad Bionicle is ending everything but the serials, but thankful those continue. Who knows, BZP, here I might come.

I have snooping around the wiki for a long time, just before the Great Crash. I am now more involved with the Wiki, and I'm having a blast on the site, it's really great, don't let anyone tell you wrong. Also, KS01 and Empress Kayru was really fun, so thanks for the prank! Other things that pull me away from BIONICLE: Mindcrack, Doctor Who. Indeed, Allons-Y, whatnot, and etc!

In addition to this, I wrote TWIH on the Wiki and the AfC and AfD directories were run by me I worked on numerous Plast ventures my bosses Bioran23, Shadow Kurahk and Spawn of Teridax such as the Solis Magna Guide led by myself and many Mata Nui Inc. projects run by Celu. I became an advisor to Spawn, a member of the governing board for KanohiJournal. After a lot of reorganization, I began involved with a site called TNW with Bioran and the others, along with Meiko.

After BIONICLE got cancelled I left the community. There was not much use I saw in staying in a grip devoted to something dead in the water. So I moved on to another group: the Mindcrack fan base (specifically Far Landers, represented by AxlRoise's ), and have been there ever since. Until I heard some rumors that BIONICLE was finally coming back. And it was! A new Generation, a new beginning. Now I guess I'm an old Gen 1er! BS01 was different, templates had tab switchers and appearances was totally messed up. (Probably Dorek :P). But I'm adapting, and I'm excited! NEW STORY INFO! We're back in business!


  • Have updated pages when new info emerges like Sahmad's Tale.
  • Avid OGQ reader.
  • Pretty much created and wrote Battle of Bara Magna. This is one of my personal proudest editing moments.
  • Helped the KS01 prank by spearheading the resistance effort along with Sean and Vartemp by acting like Kayru was taking over the Wiki. I wrote several rebel messages, and fought against Kayru.
  • I wrote a comprehensive guide to the KS01 prank.
  • Got the Manas vs. Toa Kaita canon event sequence confirmed through researching confirmed story sources.
  • Wrote Vartemp's MS write-up. You go man!
  • Sent in the BZP news story about a hardcover edition of the Legend Reborn novelization with a DVD preview for the movie, and a new Denver LEGO store.
  • Submitted the Question to Vartemp about the BIONICLE 5 Treatment Greg wrote would be an alt universe. Here B5 Treatment it was canonized!
  • Submitted the guest article Those Americans! They get it all! on KanohiJournal, and Submissions Nektann posted it
  • Started a huge weapons relevancy discussion by nominating Seismic Spear for deletion.
  • Found and bought the source for File: Rahi Brakas.PNG and scanned stuff.
  • Created Element Lord of Jungle, Element Lord of Rock, and Element Lord of Water, and it's still the same.
  • Along with Triggy helped make the Timeline system what is today; made Saga Guides match Timeline quality (reverse for Karda Nui).
  • My proudest editing moment, TECHNIC which was written nearly entirely by me and still is and was a Featured Chronicle.
  • Done basic framework on Hero pages on HS01 along with other pages.
  • Finally fixed Sea Spider image.
  • Finished last needed pages on Wiki, mainly BS01 pages
  • Got the translation for the The Crossing on BS01

Successful AfC Noms

  • Great Volcano Notes: The entire is page is practically written by me. I wrote the sandbox and Bioran used it for the real page. It's not been altered that much since.
  • Gallery:BIONICLE Battle Videos Notes: I LOVE this gallery. The images are beautiful and the Concept Art image is the first image I uploaded that's still around.
  • Template:ElementLordsNav Notes: Nothing much, just the standard EL navigation.
  • Template:ElementLord Notes: I created the basic idea and design for this while Dark Light coded preliminary versions along with Toa Jala testing.
  • Saga Guides/Journey's End Notes: The voting was unanimous, and I created the page myself! I love that guide.
  • Timeline/Journey's End Notes: The voting once more was unanimous, and all the content on it is mine. I love timelines.
  • Saga Guides/History of Bara Magna Notes: Once more a unanimous vote, and I de-stubbed it so the page is all mine.
  • Gallery: Other Toa Notes: This concept was inspired by Triggy messing up Gallery: Toa Teams
  • Gallery: Turaga Notes: Concept inspired by thinking about Lhikan images and how no Turaga pics would go in the above nomination
  • Card Games Notes: my record 10th successful nom, it was created by me.
  • Blades (Gresh) Notes: It was rejected once by 10-9, then it went to staff vote try two. It was accepted, then Erebus changed his mind. It made it with every staff voting but SK. It was close.
  • Chronist-Wiki Notes: After BS01's partnership with the Wiki, I put it up in staff vote and it looked like it'd get overturned by it looked like supporters bullied other staff into voting yes based on GS summary voting yes XP

Awards and Achievemts

BS01 Awards/Awards from Staff

Image Award.PNG
Image Award
This award has been presented to Lord Nektann for all the wonderful images Lord Nektann has uploaded/created for the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki!

From Shine upon finding the long-lost source for the Brakas image.

Editing Award.PNG
Editing Award
This award has been presented to Lord Nektann for working tirelessly on the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki, so that it is up-to-date and at top-quality.

From Spawn of Teridax for my work on TECHNIC.

Creation of boxor.PNG The Tediousness Award
This Award has been given to Lord Nektann for continuously adding crucial information to countless pages over a period of time.

From KZN02 for my tedious activities on both BS01 and HS01, most recently the adding of interwiki links.

BS01 Achievements

Major Contributor Achievement.PNG

Major Contributor
Make 1000 major edits.
50% Completed

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Award Winner
Earn 5 BS01 Approved Awards.
40% Completed

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Make 1000 minor edits.
100% Completed

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Image Hunter
Upload or correct 50 images.

Maintenance Achivements

BS01-M MC Achievement.gif

Repairman (x13)
Improve or help to improve a page in a Maintenance Category for BIONICLEsector01: Maintenance.

Got the first point for de-stubbing the Battle of Bara Magna page. The second was from from updating Kolhii Ball. The third was from adding appearances to Arena Match of Malum vs. Strakk. The fourth was getting a quote for Maze of Shadows (Location). The fifth was for getting a quote for Mata Nui's Reawakening. The sixth was for getting a quote for Mana Ko. The seventh was for adding Skrall Fortress links. The eighth was for de-stubbing Saga Guides/History of Bara Magna. The ninth was for getting the quote for Zesk. The tenth was for updating Timeline/History of Bara Magna. The eleventh was for getting an image for Toa Mangai. The twelfth one is from essentially creating Gallery: Turaga. Number thirteen is from the File: Rahi Sea Spider.png image.

Podcast Achievements

Podcast achievement.png

Contribute to the BS01 Podcast.

This one is from Q&A 7.

Custom Achivements

External Image

Dupe Link Killer: Apprentice
Presented to Lord Nektann for being the Sith Apprentice of Dupe Link killers.

Got this from Vartemp for killing dupe links on the Battle of Bara Magna page.

Major Contributor Achievement.PNG

Cross-Wiki Major Contributor
Make 1000 major edits combining HS01 and BS01 edits.
70% Completed

External Image

Cross-Wiki Carver
Make 1000 minor edits combining HS01 and BS01 edits.
100% Completed

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Cross-Wiki Image Hunter
Upload or correct 50 images on either HS01 or BS01.

Major Contributor Achievement.PNG

HS01 Major Contributor
Make 1000 major edits on HS01.
20% Completed

External Image

HS01 Carver
Make 1000 minor edits on HS01.
60% Completed

External Image

HS01 Image Hunter
Upload or correct 50 images on HS01.

Custom Awards

width=100px Ackar Friendship Award
This award has been granted to Lord Nektann for being my friend.. External Image The End of Time

From Ackar Fire Tribe (Now the 11th Doctor) on account of being his friend.

CGI Agori.pngCGI Agori 2.png
Friendship Award
this award is given to Lord Nektann for being mah friend! Twilight Avenger talk | awards

From Twilight Avenger on account of being his friend.

Thanks.PNG Vartemp proudly awards Lord Nektann this userbox for asking me for help when you needed it. Thanks a LOT.

From Vartemp on getting him to a new Badge of Trust level.

BPG Barraki Kalmah With Frying Pan.PNG
The Randomness Award
This award has been randomly given to Lord Nektann by Toa Jala for his supreme randomness.

From Toa Jala for the edit summary: Vulcanus, we have a problem. A traitor's still on the loose. When on the Skrall page a 'traitor' was still mentioned but the traitor was now known to be Metus.

Do Not Defy The Empire

Lord Nektann, you have done the unforgivable by defying the ultimate reign of Kayru, BS01 Empress. As Official BS01 PWNificator, Shadonix has no choice but to PWN you with this warning. Join Kayru now or suffer the consequences. --ShadonX, BS01 PWNificator (Request Audience)

From Shadonix for defying Kayru on the KS01 prank.

Matoro.PNG Toa11 Friendship Award
This Toa11 Friendship Award is presented to Lord Nektann for being my buddy. Thank You! ~Toa11

From Toa11 on being his friend.

The Shadowed One.png
Great Friend Award
This award is given to Lord Nektann for being my great friend!

--Lord Oblivion the Great

External Image Special Friendship Award only for Lord Nektann
This award has been granted to Lord Nektann for being one my greatest friends in Wiki-Nui. Go ahead and post this on your page.

Twilight Avenger talk | awards

From Twilight Avenger for being one of his greatest friends on the Wiki. Thanks! User:Toa Nidhiki05: Toa of Air/Awards From Toa Nidhiki for my AfD nominations. Those were: Seismic Spear, Mask of Possibilities, Mask of Mutation, and Mask of Charisma.

Jaller Inika.PNG
The Toa Jala Thanks Award
This award has been given to Lord Nektann by Toa Jala for convincing me to stick around the AfC/AfD on two seperate occasions. Thanks!

From Toa Jala because I convinced him to not leave the AfD/AfC twice. The first time several of his nominations got crushed badly (no small part to me I admit), and the second Template: Member Vote was accepted.

Comic 10 Jaller Mahri.PNG
The Toa Jala Friendship Award
This award has been given to Lord Nektann by Toa Jala for being my buddy and for convincing me to stick around the AfC/AfD.

From Toa Jala for being his friend and convincing him to stick around the AfD/AfC (see above for reasons).

External Image

The Toa Jala Award
Lord Nektann has been granted this award for making it to the bottom of Toa Jala's userpage. Come again soon!

Free award created by Toa Jala for those who reach the end of his UP. I have many times so it's mine!

Takanuva 2008.png

Twilight Award

Twilight Avenger has given this award to Lord Nektann for helping me to find out for how long I've been on this wiki. Thanks man! :)

Award given to me by Twilight Avenger for figuring out how long he's been on the Wiki.

External Image The Interwiki-Award
This Award has been given to Lord Nektann for adding countless Interwikilinks to Biosector01!
Have fun!

——Fippe(Talk|Edits|Bilingual) 14:21, 27 April 2011 (PDT)

An award given out by Fippe, for my interwiki link adding work.

Dark Hunter Darkness.png This user hopes to take over BS01 become a Staff Member some day.

From Ignacis after I did an edit spree. Apparently that means that I'm trying to become staff XP. Personally, I think if anyone tried to become staff, they'd fail to be staff. So just be an editor and work your hardest and you could get lucky.

External Image

The Toa Shoby Services Award
You have been granted this award for helping Toa Shoby when he was in dire need.

From Toa Shoby for clearing up a Mata Nui Online Game download issue.

Here is proof it woks!

My Awards

width=50px Lord Nektann Help Award
This award has been granted to Lord Nektann for being helpful. Lord Nektann

Recipients: Vartemp, Toa Nidhiki x3, Twilight Avenger, Vezok of Zakaz, and Maxim21.

width=50px Lord Nektann Friend and Editor Award
This award has been granted to Lord Nektann for being an awesome friend and masterful editor. Lord Nektann

Recipients: Vartemp, Toa Nidhiki

height AfD/AfC Master Award
This award has been granted to Lord Nektann for either nominating lots of articles in the AfD/AfC, voting on several nominations in the AfD/AfC, or having outstanding debating skills within the AfD/AfC. Lord Nektann

Recipients: Toa Jala, Toa Nidhiki, Vartemp, PeabodySam, Takhamavahu NOTE: Zo;Tomana would have gotten this as well but he doesn't accept awards anymore.

Quote Index

It goes without saying, Nekky.
Cykron and Zerothemaster

"I know it's not available right now, but I just want an idea in case I every have to pick up Nekky's slack. Oh wait. This is Nekky we're talking about. I just got the most boring job on the internet. XP"

"Believe what you want, Nektann"
Toa V

"Another LN failure (patent pending)"
— Myself

"Good job Lord Nektann"
Kraahlix, on the 19th Podcast

"So there Lord Nektann"
Bionicleman, on the 22nd Podcast

"Methinks LN is too smart for his own good :P."

"Spawnie does not approve, Nektann."
Spawn of Teridax

Edit Summaries

"Vulcanus, we have a problem. A traitor's still on the loose."--After editing the Skrall page to remove mentions of a 'traitor' post TLR (Jala)

"A battle of! the nose is a fourth the way up from the chin!"--After editing the Battle of Bara Magna page to remove a 'battle of prorportions' (Aanch)

"He wasn't like President of the Evil Tyrants Ready to Take Over [Spherus Magna] or anything like that"--After removing that Karzahni was 'assassinated' from his page (Obitor)

"This one shows more of him, as the other just has him going AAAAHHHHH, HERE I AM. But the EL of Water is so obnoxiously...there"--After explaining why I didn't use the mainstream EL of Rock picture as it looked like he was yelling at the camera... (thoron)

"Quote Lesson: #1. Chapter doesn't matter #2. Context doesn't matter #3. Fail. It was Reign of Shadows not the Powers that Be. #4. LINK IT #5. ITALICS"

"#6. Don't do what I just did"--After going over all the things wrong in a quote on Lewa's page, and screwing up bad. (Myself)


"I think he had one too many Spikit cocktails..." Also referring to the EL of Rock's odd expression in the group pick. (Myself and thoron)