Giant Waterfall

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"This is incredible. I'm inside a giant waterfall, leading... where? Down below... I think I see something... It's another great gap - the same size as Voya Nui itself! The island must have originally filled that hole, before it was torn free in the long-ago earthquake."
Toa Mahri Matoro, Death of a Hero

Giant Waterfall
Status Blocked
Position Southern Continent
Karda Nui

The Giant Waterfall was a waterfall formed when Voya Nui broke off from the Southern Continent and formed a hole in both the domes of Karda Nui and the Southern Continent.


Toa Mahri Matoro falling into Karda Nui via the waterfall

When the Great Cataclysm occurred, Mata Nui fell onto Aqua Magna, which rocketed Voya Nui upward and broke through Mata Nui's torso. As a result, a large quantity of seawater containing Pit Mutagen flooded down the hole in the dome of the continent and into the hole in the dome of Karda Nui. It was the waterfall which formed the Swamp of Secrets.

A thousand years later, it was stopped from entering Karda Nui anymore when Voya Nui returned to its original position, and stopped from going through the dome of the Southern Continent when the Matoran Universe was repaired with the Staff of Artakha.


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