Region of Water

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Region of Water
Region of Okoto
Status Inhabited
Inhabitants Akida
Position Eastern Okoto

The Region of Water, also known as Akida,[1] is a wet fertile area that dominates Okoto's eastern landscape.


The Region of Water is home to the Okotans of the Water Tribe, led by the Protector of Water, a title passed down through the generations. It was named after Akida of the Elemental Creatures.[1]

The entire island was menaced by the Skull Spiders seeking the legendary Masks of Power. Kivoda, the current Protector of Water, along with the other Protectors, traveled to the Temple of Time, where they used the Mask of Time and the Prophecy of Heroes to summon six Toa.

Gali, the Master of Water, crashed into the Region of Water after being summoned. She was met by Kivoda, and the two traveled for weeks through the region to the Water Shrine. There, Gali claimed the Golden Mask of Water and used its increased elemental power to save Kivoda from a horde of Skull Spiders. She then departed for the City of the Mask Makers, which the Water Islanders soon relocated to after it was reclaimed by the heroes.

Gali later traveled here in search of Akida and her Golden Mask of Unity.


Water Tribe Villages

Fast-flowing rivers run from the mountains to the west and a northern glacier into the Region of Water, creating a series of great lakes and rivers. The region also features large deltas and small, fertile islands.

The southern part of the region borders the jungle and is mainly swamp, much of which is still unexplored.

Water Tribe Villages

The villages of the Water Tribe are located underwater.[2]

Water Shrine

The Golden Mask of Water was hidden in a shrine located underwater.

Temple of the Water Creature

A temple dedicated to Akida to which the ancient Protector Owaki traveled to retrieve a crystal to power Gali's Golden Mask. Gali later traveled here herself with Akida in order to claim her Golden Mask of Unity.

City of the Mask Makers

The ruined home of Ekimu and Makuta is hidden within a foggy valley on the border between the Region of Water and the Region of Jungle.[3]


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