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"Do you know how it feels to drown, villager? To feel your lungs fill up with water and your vision go black? I could make you feel that a thousand times, and worse, never knowing when you will be allowed to finally die."
— The Element Lord of Water to Crotesius, Riddle of the Great Beings

Element Lord of Water
Element Lord
Tribe Water Tribe
Region Aqua Magna
Tools Unknown
Status Alive
Location Northern Region

The Element Lord of Water is the former leader of the Water Tribe and one of the seven Element Lords.


The Lord of Water was a warrior of Spherus Magna who was approached by the Great Beings to take part in an experiment. The Water Lord became one with the element of Water, and was made ruler of the Water Tribe[1] that resided in the Great Sea.[2]

The Element Lords, except the Lord of Earth, held conference after they learned of the discovery of Energized Protodermis. The Lord of Ice claimed the liquid as his and blockaded it to start the Core War.[3] After an Ice Tribe force led by Certavus was ambushed by Sand Tribe warriors left a power gap, the Water Lord ordered Tarix to lead a Water Tribe army to take advantage of the gap in power, though the effort was unsuccessful.[4] When the Shattering occurred, the Lord of Water was trapped on Bara Magna.[5]

The Element Lord of Water eventually made his way to the River Dormus, where he noticed Crotesius, Tarduk, and Kirbold walking on its banks. Pulling them underwater in air bubbles, the Water Lord projected his consciousness into the river to speak to the Agori. Knowing of their dealings with the Lord of Jungle, he asked the Agori the way into the Valley of the Maze. Tarduk told the Element Lord of Water to follow them as they show him the way, and the Lord of Water started to agree. Suddenly, the Lord of Ice made the river freeze, and the Element Lord of Water's mind was forced to flee the river or perish.[6]

Abilities and Traits

The Element Lord of Water possesses the power of Water, and is intertwined with the element itself. He is desperate to get into the Valley of the Maze, in order to obtain the power necessary to wipe out his foes.[6]


The Lord of Water was given tools that reflect his nature.[7]


"Muster up all your strength, and overwhelm in a single force. If you fail, simply retreat, regroup, and attack again. That is the flow of combat."
— The Lord of Water to Tarix, Decadence


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