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"Axonn did just that, calling on the powers of his Kanohi Rode, the Mask of Truth. To his surprise, it told him that his captive was indeed being honest."
— Narrator, Destiny War

Title Mask of Truth
Powers Seeing through tricks and illusions
Bearers Axonn
Pronunciation ROAD[1]

The Kanohi Rode is the Mask of Truth. It allows its user to see through all types of deception and disguises. It also allows the user to see and communicate with users of the Kanohi Iden.[2] A Rode can only detect lies when the target is aware that they are lying.[note 1] The mask's power also enables its user to see those with the power of invisibility. While a sufficiently powerful illusion can deceive even a Rode wearer, the mask's power may be able to assist the wearer in recognizing such an illusion.[6] The mask has to be consciously activated.[7][3][note 2]

Example Usage

Axonn used his Kanohi Rode in Destiny War to ascertain whether or not Toa Krakua was speaking the truth about being an Order of Mata Nui messenger.





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  2. Greg Farshtey has also stated that the mask is always on at a low level,[8] but because Kanohi require concentration to activate,[9][10][11][12] this is impossible.

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