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This article is about the alternate version. You may be looking for his prime reality counterpart.

"Yes, I never noticed your entry, I must admit. But did you really think a pale and weak version of myself could stop me now?"
"Weak? Stronger, I say, for I resisted the temptations you could not.
Teridax and Alternate Teridax, Reign of Shadows

Kanohi Great Kraahkan
Powers Light
Kraata powers (including Telekinesis, Courage, and Peace)
Tools Warhammer
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation TEH-rih-dacks

In The Melding Alternate Universe, Makuta Teridax was a devoted force for good and a servant of the Great Beings. He has since crossed over to the prime reality with the aim to restore the balance between Light and Shadow.


Teridax and the other Makuta were created by the Great Beings of an alternate Spherus Magna to aid the Toa in protecting the villagers and create new life forms. The Makuta were trained to purge their inner darkness, and they gained Light abilities as a result.

When confronted by the Macku of his universe, Teridax agreed to guide the prime universe's Mazeka and Vultraz, who had recently arrived through a dimensional gate, to the Great Beings. While traveling, Teridax discreetly used his telepathic powers to read Vultraz's mind, discovering that he was a Shadow Matoran. As Mazeka pleaded with the Great Beings to help, Teridax revealed his findings, and Vultraz was then forcefully taken away for testing. Mazeka and the Great Beings made a deal, and Mazeka was given a choice of picking an individual from the alternate Spherus Magna to come back with him, thereby maintaining the balance between universes. The Ko-Matoran chose Teridax, and the Makuta and Mazeka then stepped through a portal and returned to the prime reality.[1]

They arrived somewhere on the Southern Continent. Traveling through the continent, the two came across a valley of malicious living grass, and Teridax demonstrated his power over Light to the Ko-Matoran by using it to kill the plants.[2]

Teridax and Mazeka eventually came upon a ridge overlooking a deserted Ba-Matoran village, where they discussed how, had he been in his situation, Teridax may have been just as ruthless as his counterpart in this universe. Right then, the Teridax of the main universe, having sensed this Teridax's entry, created a maelstrom which blew the pair down to the village, where they landed amidst several Visorak corpses. Through the mouths of the dead spiders, the evil Makuta spoke to them, saying that a weaker version of himself could never defeat him. Teridax stated that he was stronger because he resisted the temptations his counterpart could not. In response, the Teridax of the Matoran Universe teleported three Shadow Takanuva to the village.[3] Contemplating how best to fight, and how his alternate counterpart would have done it, Teridax attacked the three Toa physically, and managed to damage them all. He charged a mask-less Takanuva, and was struck with a Shadow blast in the shoulder, which caused his Antidermis to begin to leak out. Teridax then defeated two and crushed the last one, saving Mazeka from being strangled. As they were celebrating their victory, Teridax sensed the defeat of the Teridax of the Matoran Universe by reading Mata Nui's mind[4] and quickly teleported them out of the village, escaping the worst of a quake heralding the Makuta's death.[5]

Soon after, he left the robotic body and moved to the newly reformed Spherus Magna.[6][7]

Abilities and Traits

Teridax is wise and knowledgeable, and understands the gravity of decisions both important and negligible. He realizes that giving into his impulses can easily lead him down the wrong path, and strives to make the right choices.[2] Through his training he, along with the other Makuta, conquered their ancient curse of ambition.[1] Unlike his counterpart of the prime reality, Teridax prefers to act directly without using other beings for pawns, and disdains scheming and plotting. However, like his prime reality counterpart he had no qualms about killing, and showed no remorse when slaying the Shadow Takanuva.[5]

The alternate Makuta is clad in white armor, representing his dedication to the light. As a result of intense training, this Teridax has shunned his darker nature, and has access to Light powers.[1] Like in the prime universe, he was given Telepathy and a variety of Kraata abilities, though they differ slightly from those of the prime reality.[8] For example, he does not have access to powers such as Darkness, Anger, or Fear.[9] In place of the latter two, he controls their counterparts, Peace and Courage, respectively.[10][11][12] He also cannot create a Shadow Hand,[13] though like the Makuta of the main universe he is a being of Antidermis.[5][14]

Teridax's Warhammer

Mask and Tools

Teridax bears a golden Kanohi Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadows. He wears the mask in order to directly confront the looming presence of darkness every day and overcome it.[15]

Teridax also carries a warhammer.[5]


"A turn to the left instead of the right, a wound received or avoided, rising from slumber an hour too early or too late ... these are the little things lifetimes hinge on, Mazeka. Your Teridax took a step on a path that circumstances allowed me to avoid. If circumstances had been different, who knows?"
— Alternate Teridax, Reign of Shadows


  • Teridax's original appearance was created by BZPower member ToM Dracone (BIONICLEsector01 member Tiome), and entered into the Alternate Teridax Contest. The entry came in first, and was accepted into the official canon.[16]



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